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Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

Cavalli’s Incredible Career

Roberto Cavalli is one of the world’s most admired Italian fashion designers. He was born in 1940 and studied at the Academy of Art which is located in his home town of Florence, Italy. His mother was a tailor and his grandfather was a painter. The artistic influences from his family impacted his life and career immensely. When he attended the Academy of art, he planned on becoming a painter like his grandfather or an architect. And in 1960, he was approached for help by one of his friends who were starting a knit wear line.

Roberto Cavalli’s first fashion line was started in 1972. He revolutionized the fashion industry by placing prints on leather. During this time, leather was not a popular fabric at all. His clothing became an instant hit and was worn by European celebrities, such as Brigitte Bardot. His style could be described as anything but simple, and his extravagant details inspired other designers.

Cavalli continued to grow in popularity and was known for his flamboyant ways and over the top styles. One of the fashion designers that Cavalli is often compared to is Versace. They both use a lot of bold colors that are meant to turn heads and make a statement. His clothing often features plenty of bright colors that can be seen from miles away. He is almost referred to sometimes as the “king of bling” and designed glitzy clothing that was over the top and glamorous. Some of the details that he loved to feature in his clothing included rhinestones, feathers, and fur. As a designer, he uses a variety of different fabrics and strays far away from the minimalistic style. Some of the things that inspire his designs include nature and his home town of Florence, Italy. You can see the influences by nature with his floral prints and feathers.

During the early 1980’s, Cavalli began to work a little less. He got married to Eva Duringer and spent some time on his marriage. Cavalli loves to travel and visited multiple cities. He also believed that this time period was a pitfall for fashion because designers were creating unisex clothing. But by the late 1980’s, he was back to creating innovative designs that would completely transform the denim design industry with printed jeans. He continued to make drastic changes in the denim design industry, and teamed up with Lyrca to come up with the stretch jean.

He became especially popular as a designer in America during the late 1990’s. Some of the super stars that rocked Roberto’s designs include Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, P Diddy, and more. His low cut and sexy styles sizzle on today’s hottest stars. Roberto believed that making connections with celebrities and having them wear his pieces on the red carpet was an essential part of his success. One of the popular television shows that his designs were featured on was Sex in the City. There is no denying the fact that celebrities love to flock to Cavalli clothing. There is never a red carpet that doesn’t have a Roberto Cavalli piece on it. In September of 1999, he opened a successful store that was located on Madison Avenue.

Nowadays, Roberto offers his fans a variety of different products. From sunglasses and perfume, to ball gowns and blue jeans- Cavalli offers his lucky followers a variety of different treats. One of his most popular perfumes is called, “I love Just Cavalli her” for women and “Just Cavalli Blue” for men.

One of Roberto Cavalli’s most recent achievements was being the Grand Marshal at the Columbus Day Parade in New York City of 2003. He made history because he was the first fashion designer to ever be asked to lead the parade. People from all over the world continue to enjoy this designer’s clothing and the contributions that he has made to the fashion world.

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