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Pierre Cardin is the leading and familiar brand label of fashion and it is increasingly becoming more popular with the emerging new styles and designs. This brand is more demanding among young generation to adapt the latest trends of fashion day by day.

This innovative brand house was introduced by famous designer of the present era and living legend Pierre Cardin. He is a French fashion designer who born in Italy on 2nd of July 1922. His childhood name is Pierto Cardin and is known his versatile and distinctive Avant Garde Style and wonderful yet futuristic Space age designs.

He always chooses different geometric shapes and patterns. He has a core specialization in unisex designs fashions as he introduced his first bubble dress in the year 1954.

After living for years in Venice his family shifted to France. He received his early education in central France and by reaching the age of 14 he started to work as an apprentice for clothing where he learnt all the foundation of fashion design and architecture.

At 17 he moved to Vichy a beautiful place in France in order to work as an independent tailor. He started designing suits for women. Pierre also worked in Red Cross in serving humanitarian cause. He was also nominated for the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in 1991 as well as Ambassador for Food and Agriculture Organization in recent 2009.

Pierre Moved to Paris in 1945, he studied detailed architecture and worked for the famous Paris fashion house named as Paguin. He luckily got a chance to work together with Elsa Schiaparelli and sooner he became the head of Christian Dior fashion house in the year 1947.

Pierre Cardin opened his own design house in 1950. He began his solo designing career by preparing 30 costumes including masquerade ball and the party of the century. He also started his haute couture collection in 1953 with specific custom made clothing for clients. He was the first dress maker to move to Japan for exploring and experiencing a high fashion market in 1959. He launched readymade collections for the Printemps Department Store. He also launched his designer logo on the garments for the first time. It was in the year 1966 when he initiated to display his collections at his own place. He started Espace Cardin for providing a true platform for promoting hidden talents of theater performers, artists and musicians. He also prepared flight uniforms for the whole Crew of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) which became very successful for 5 years. He decided to show his collections to specific clients and journalists and following a gap of 15 years he came back with his all new design collections for a display at his bubble home in Cannes. Pierre Cardin launched his unique industrial design architecture themes for various automobiles and became famous for wonderful and peculiar car named Javelin in 1972. He also later introduced his jet design in the year 1978. He gave a fabulous architecture design for his bubble house by furnishing and decorating it with his distinctive creations. The house was designed with 10 bedrooms and stylish living room.

In the year 1981 the famous designer shifted to a new area and purchased a complete chain of Maxim’s Restaurants with branches in London, New York and Beijing. It provides a wide variety of food products under its brand label. Pierre also supported a French press organization Dance, Arts and Music. Pierre Cardin acquired the ruined Castle in Lacoste and renovate it for arranging music and dance festivals. Pierre introduced his first clothing line for kids in 1966. He successfully introduced his collections of interweave cat suits, tight leather trousers, tight helmets and batwing jumpsuits. Pierre Cardin designed coats with decorated hemlines and bubble skirts. His outlined dresses; coats and appliqué pockets were highly popular. Cardin introduced the application of supple, knitted fabrics made up into body stockings, cat suits, tubular dresses, tabard tops over leggings and tights. He also adopted the space-age style and experimented with vinyl and metal in amalgamation with traditional wool. The Cosmo corps collection was streamlined for outfits for both men and women.

He started his fragrance line in 1972 with a large variety of masculine and feminine perfumes.

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