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The beginning of the Woods of Windsor luxury bath, body & homes brand comes from a small pharmacy situated in the shade of Windsor as far back as 1770. This local pharmacy house served not only the townsfolk of Windsor, but also the Royal family and its eminent visitors.

It was a starting of a history in 1970 when Roger and Kathleen Knowles acquired the dilapidated pharmacy at that time known as the Woods pharmacy. After clearing out two centuries of garbage, they discovered a treasure trove of old recipe and prescription books and medical work of art which dated all the way back to the founding of the business.

Many of the books contained recipes for fragrances, which had been connected with the business and distributed among the residents of Windsor during the years. This very special revelation motivated Roger and Kathleen to create a range of perfumery and toiletry products using these original recipes.

After continuous efforts and struggle both husband and wife successfully launched a beautiful range of perfumery products in 1971 including pot purr and china pomanders by using lavender flowers and thoroughly inspired by the original formulations. They presented their products in a completely unique way which replicated the historical environment. They started selling their collection to small shops located at the backside of their premises. By the year 1974 they were selling their products to high-end London retailers and department stores including Harrods and Liberty's.

The brand launched their first commercial room fragrance named as Parfum d'ambience in 1976 and by 1978 they introduced their first commercial drawer liners.

In order to further expand their range the brand company introduced their gentlemen's collection which was inspired by the fragrance of Spanish leather. The historic and classic 1850 design of Windsor castle was used for the logo on to highlight the brand's heritage. It also won the Queen’s Export award in 1983.

They reacquired the Windsor pharmacy in 1984 and transformed it into an expensive and stylish shop selling the premium bath, body and home products. By

1985 the Woods of Windsor business was exported to 40 countries worldwide and by 1989 they won another Queen's award for Export. After achieving great success they sold out their business to a management buyout in 2000.

The Lorna mead Group a leading manufacturer of personal care products acquired the company with a particular focus on investing in heritage brands.

Another famous personal products manufacturing company named as Wipro Limited took over two brands simultaneously in 2012 as Woods of Windsor and Yardley London.

Woods of Windsor again emerged with its range of bath, body and home fragrance products in 2013. It is contained brand new attention-grabbing packaging capturing the true soul of the brand. It is currently offering greater value and savings to consumers with its contemporary and on-trend scents to sit alongside their current portfolio of core floral fragrances.

It contains a fascinating collection of archived perfume recipes including prescription books and medical pieces. Due to these fragrance recipes its was revived and the new range of signature English floral fragrances was created by using the old previous methods. In a short span of time this brand company has held is reputation and firm placing at Harrods and Liberty department stores.

Woods of Windsor launched their first collection of men’s fragrances in 1981, inspired by a formulation of Spanish leather. The company became able to export its products by 1985 to 40 countries worldwide. The brand today is still respected by its rich heritage and innovative yet classical style.

Its products are now sold worldwide and offer a complete range of body n bath including home fragrances as well as bath powders, soaps, deodorants, perfumes as well as candles. The company is still focused on the traditional fragrances of rose, lily of the valley, mimosa, jasmine and lavender.

The Woods of Windsor fragrance line has been providing all beautiful and aromatic fragrance to customers combining traditional recipes with scientific approach for a contemporary collection of perfumed products.

Over the years this brand has remained innovative and striving to combine the simplicity of natural ingredients with the value of modern technology. The famous fragrances include White Jasmine, True Rose and Mimosa.

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