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The Amazing Life of Alfred Dunhill

Unlike other designers, Alfred Dunhill loved to focus on things that are meant for men. Some of the things that he designed for men include fragrances, lighters, leather, clothing and much more. If there was a way to describe Dunhill’s style, it would probably be “high end and bold- yet still refined.” He was one of the first designers in history to offer customers an entire life style and experience, versus products that are just placed on the shelf.

Some of Alfred Dunhill’s work got featured in the James Bond movie series. Sean Connery can be seen in the move with special cigarette gunmetal lighter that was designed by Dunhill. The ‘Voice’ Campaign was also created by Alfred Dunhill. The purpose of the campaign was to show case and celebrate successful British men. The campaign often consists of black and white portraits and a series of interviews. Some of the famous faces that have been featured in the campaign include Ballet dancer, Rupert Pennefather, and architect, David Adjaye. The versatility of the super stars, athletes, and entrepreneurs that are celebrated in the campaign is on purpose.

If you are looking for something luxurious from the Dunhill brand, you should probably go with some leather. They continue to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers for high quality leather goods for men, including wallets, belts, and luggage. There is nothing that says luxury like a Dunhill leather bag. Another high end product that the brand makes is pens. Although writing utensils are not typically thought of as a luxury good, the Dunhill brand creates masterpieces when it comes to pens. They are also indicative of the craftsmanship that goes into the brand’s products. The quality of the ink is high end and will always look precise when you place it onto the paper. The diamond patterned roller ball is probably the best option when it comes to pens from Dunhill.

Alfred Dunhill, the company, sponsored multiple golf tournaments. And the Alfred Dunhill Cup was a tournament that ran from 1985 to 2000. Some of the companies that had players representing their nations include Spain, South Africa, the United States, and much more. In recent years, there have been multiple celebrities that have been spotted on the red carpet wearing Dunhill’s designs. One of the stars was Hayden Christensen. He was wearing a dark grey Dunhill suit that made him look spectacular. Hayden is famous for “Jumper” which is a science fiction flick. The designer continued to work in the film industry and made, “For the Love”. It was released in 2012 and focused on athletic super star, Sam Waley Cohen.

Another unique thing about the brand is their houses. These places are more than just retail stores. They provide customers with the luxurious experience that the brand represents. In 2010, he opened up his first house that is located in Hong Kong, China. The Bourdon House is located in London in a magnificent Mayfair. Some of the things that men will be able to do while they are here includes watching a flick in the screening room and get a grooming at the barber shop. The home in Shangai provides Dunhill’s followers with a slightly different feel. The house is actually a restored 1920’s building with a French feel. And if there was one word to describe the experience that you would feel at this house it would be exclusive. While men are here, they can take advantage of the “made-to-measure” leather. The homes of Dunhill are innovative in the fashion industry because they are one of the first brands to offer their customers an overall experience. They want to show case and promote their goods as a lifestyle, not just a product. The fourth and final house is located in Tokyo, Japan. It differs from all the other Dunhill home’s because it showcases a super modern feel.


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