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Christian Audigier

Christian Audigier: Audaciously Unique

Christian Audigier is the man who created the brands Ed Hardy and Lord Baltimore. His styles are worn by celebrities who admire his bold sense of style. This boldness applies to his fragrance lines as well, producing scents that are both intriguing and unforgettable.

From Humble Beginnings

There are a number of great names in fashion and one of the greatest is undoubtedly Christian Audigier. The man behind lines such as Ed Hardy, Van Dutch, and Lord Baltimore has not only an unmatched mind for marketing, but a sense of style that has made him world famous, in every facet of the fashion world, from hats to t-shirts to jeans to fragrances.

The man who would create so many revolutionary designs got his start decades ago in a boutique in Avignon, located in the south of France. He was just a salesman there, but he had some big ideas. Inspired by depictions of America’s Wild West period, Christian Audigier created a marketing plan for his ideas and implemented at his store. The result was a very impressive boost in sales. It caught the attention of the company executives who hired Audigier to design denim for them, moving him from salesman to professional designer. He was only fifteen years old at the time.

It was only up from there. Christian Audigier went on to create many freelance brands, including Bisou Bisou, Diesel, Elio Forruci, and even Levis. He became known as the “King of Jeans” for his interesting and innovative ideas in the world of denim.

Celebrity Designer

Christian Audigier’s talent for marketing and unique sense of style brought him to Los Angeles, one of the focal points of the fashion industry, where he continued to impress. He was the force behind the trend in trucker hats that was made so famous by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. It was due to Christian Audigier’s promotion that trucker hats were the big new thing in the industry.

Celebrities from Britney Spears to Madonna to Kanye West have been seen wearing Audigier’s work. In the eyes of many, he is the epitome of the American dream – the young French clothing salesman who went on to see his fashion on stages and runways all over the world.

His creativity produced brand after brand. Anyone who’s worn Van Dutch, Ed Hardy, The Same Guy, Crystal Rock, Smet, Rock Fabulous, C-Bar-A, or any other of his more than sixty labels, has worn fashions by Christian Audigier.

Out of the above brands, one of the most famous and enduring is Ed Hardy. This line of merchandise was inspired by the famous tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy. It started with just hoodies, caps, and t-shirts, but soon there were Ed Hardy knits, bags, shoes, denim, and fragrances, all of them interesting and appealing, like all of Christian Audigier’s work.

Christian Audigier Fragrances

The beautiful audacity so characteristic of Christian Audigier’s fashions extends to his perfume lines. Like his clothing, his perfumes and colognes turn heads and create intrigue.

His own name is on both a perfume and a cologne. Christian Audigier For Women is woody and floral, with a fruity touch. It includes tangerine, blackberry, coconut, orchid, magnolia, and sandalwood, among other scents. Christian Audigier For Men is a more masculine, but no less amazing experience, infused with the aromas of pomelo, Asian pear, blackberry, oakmoss, rum, orriswood, and citrus.

The Ed Hardy collection has also made its mark in the world of perfumes and colognes. The simply named Ed Hardy For Women is a boldly floral scent that incorporates refreshing mint with touches of sequoia to give it a sense of power, followed by a touch of musk for sensuality, and a hint of black amber.

Ed Hardy For Men is just a colorful as the clothing of that brand, with a spark of mandarin and bergamot mixed with thuja and clary sage, giving it a brightly scented pop that is certain to be noticed.

The Latest to Watch from Christian Audigier

His latest work debuted in 2012. Dubbed Lady and Lord Baltimore, these fashions have something in common with his original work – they were inspired by American history and culture. In this case, the inspiration comes from Lord Baltimore who fled to America to escape religious persecution. His search for independence led to the foundation of his colony, which would eventually become Baltimore, Maryland. The fashion line made in the name of him and his wife is for those who enjoy expressing their individuality and stand out boldly. Are Lady and Lord Baltimore scents soon to follow? Only time will tell.

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