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Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

All about the Queen of Diamonds: Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was a British American actress that was the lovely lead lady in multiple classic films. She began to dance when she was only three years old and worked hard to become a successful star. Her mother was a previous actress and encouraged her daughter to perform. After Elizabeth and her family relocated from London to California, she started to try out for movies and on screen roles. And when she was only 10 years old, she signed a contract with Universal Studios and was in the movie, “There’s One Born Every Minute”. She began her career as a child and grew up in front of the public eyes into a beautiful super star. Some of her major accomplishments include two academy awards for best actress and a Life Achievement Award.

Taylor’s first major break out role was in “National Velvet” when she was only 12 years old. Despite the fact that she was young, the beautiful girl with full eye lashes caught everyone’s attention. She earned herself the name “one-shot Liz” for her amazing acting capabilities. The film made over 4 million dollars, which sky rocketed her career and secured her future as a star.

Unlike other child stars, Taylor had no problem when it came to transitioning into adult roles. Her sweet look went away and she developed into a stunning young woman. Her first major move as an adult actress was her star role in, “The Father of the Bride”. Another thing that made Elizabeth Taylor so famous was her ever changing love life. She had a whopping total of 8 different weddings to 7 different men. The only man that she married twice was Richard Burton, and while they were together- the media loved to follow them around and speculate about their relationship. It was her most infamous marriage because they met one another while they were both married. The names of some of her other husbands include Conrad Hilton, Michael Todd, John Warner, and more.

In addition to being an accomplished child star and adult actress, she was a humanitarian. The actress was out spoken and strong about the fight against AIDS. She had a passion for working with charities and raising money for the sick and poor. Her humanitarian efforts for the fight against aids even won her a Jean Herscholt Humanitarian Academy Award. It is an undeniable fact that she loved helping others and making a difference in the world.

Another aspect of Elizabeth Taylor’s life that no one could deny is her obsession with expensive jewelry and perfume. By the time that she passed away, she owned what was arguably the most rare and expensive private collection of jewelry in the entire world. She is part of the reason that diamonds are so famous, and was known for sporting some serious bling. The most spectacular thing about her sparkling pieces is that she received most of them from her love affairs and husbands. Taylor also liked to smell as good as she looked. In 1987, she created her first fragrance and named it Passion. She would continue to work in the perfume industry and grow one of the most successful fragrance lines in the entire world. She combined her two passions by naming her fragrances after her beloved jewels. Black Pearls and White Diamonds are examples of some of the perfumes that she named after her collection.

In September of 2011, the movie star sadly passed away. She will always be remembered for the characters she played, the men that adored her, and the diamonds that she wore. She requested that her jewelry would be auctioned off after her death and that her awe-inspiring jewels end up in a happy home.

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