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Beyonce: Fame and Fragrance

There are very few faces (and voices) that are more internationally known than Beyonce. From Destiny’s Child to her own amazing solo career, she has become an icon, and the preeminent diva of the musical world. She is one of the best-selling and most respected music artists of all time, and still in the prime of her career. As with many celebrities, she has her own lines of fashion and fragrances promoting the Beyonce mystique.

Rising Star

Beyonce Knowles has been in show business since her earliest days. She entered dancing and singing competitions as a child in Texas and started her first musical group, Girl’s Tyme, when she was still very young. She was only 12 when her group of friends became Destiny’s Child and there music really began to take off. Destiny’s Child became one of the most popular girl’s groups ever created. But when the group took a break in 2003, Beyonce’s first solo album, Dangerously In Love, showed she had a great deal of personal talent as well. That first album sold millions of copies, earned her numerous Grammy Awards, and boasted several top-10 Billboard singles.

Destiny’s Child broke up in 2005, but that did not slow Beyonce down in the slightest. Her second solo album, B’Day, was released the very next year, which contained more hits. She even branched out into acting, garnering critical acclaim and a Golden Globe nomination for her role in Dreamgirls.

She married rapper Jay-Z in 2008, the same year of the release of her third album: I Am… Sasha Fierce. It was even more successful than her previous work. She broke records in 2010 when she won six Grammy Awards. She took a break from music at that point so she could expand her musical repertoire and manage her own work.

A Woman of Many Talents

Beyonce is a woman who does many things – she’s best known for her singing, but she also writer much of her own music, acts, and is a superb dancer. Like many stars, she’s always collaborated with fashion designers and perfumers to create her own clothing and perfumes that allow fans to express themselves the Beyonce way.

The first fragrance from Beyonce, True Star, was launched in 2004, in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger. Hilfiger was already known for some truly stellar scents, like Simply Clinique and Aramis Life, making it only natural to work with him on something uniquely Beyonce. She launched a second Hilfiger fragrance a year later, True Star Gold.

Beyonce released a fragrance truly inspired by her own work in 2010, called Heat. Everything from the scent to the appearance of the bottle was the product of her own wishes. For instance, color of the glass and the liquid within are both red, which is Beyonce’s favorite color. True to the name, the bottle is also shaped like stylized fire.

There is certainly something hot and passionate about the scent of Heat. It opens with red vanilla-orchid, peach, neroli, and magnolia. This is followed by notes of musky cream, almond, and honeysuckle, with sequoia wood, amber, and tonka at its base. This is the first perfume that Beyonce feels truly represents herself.

The follow-up to Heat came in 2011, named Heat Rush. This was created with the assistance of the renowned perfumer Coty Beauty. Where Heat is for the nightlife, Heat Rush is meant to be worn during day-to-day activities – it is elegant rather than seductive. Beyonce recognizes that, much like a song, a good perfume is performed of just the right notes. And much like many of her songs, a wide variety of women love Heat Rush. It opens with fruity and sweet blood orange, passion fruit, and cherries from Brazil, with a floral heart of tiger orchid, mango blossom, and hibiscus. Finally, the finish has notes of honey amber, teak wood, and Rio sunset musk.

Uniquely Beyonce

As a woman who has truly forged her own path in life, Beyonce makes a statement in everything she does, not only in music, but in the fashions and fragrances she stands behind. Themes of relationship and love, as well as female empowerment and sensuality are common in her work. This independent spirit has earned her more than a dozen Grammy Awards and sold more than 100 million albums worldwide. She is considered by many, including Time Magazine, to be one of the most influential people in the world.

Though she is still at the top of her game and the height of her fame, her legacy is assured. Great talents such as Kelly Rowland, Adele, Rihanna, and many others have all claimed to have been influenced by Beyonce’s work.

There is no stopping Beyonce, and it may even be that the best is yet to come.

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