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Some people in the world have a confidence and passion to fulfill their aspirations and to make their dreams into reality. These people have a power to change their life by constant endeavor and diligent efforts. Giorgio Armani is also regarded as one of them. He has an excellence and intelligence to create innovation in the ever-changing industry of fashion.

Giorgio Armani is a true symbol of fashion and luxury. He is a man who brought a new revolution in men’s fashion and clothing style. This creative man was born in Piacenza on 11th July 1934. His father was a shipping manager and he brought up in a beautiful small town in Milan.

He had a small family with 2 siblings consisted of one elder Brother Sergio and younger sister named as Rosanna with his mother Maria Raimondi and father Ugo Armani. He has experienced a harsh and poor childhood time by bearing the perils and difficulties of Second World War.

In his childhood, his ambitions were to become a doctor and he took admission in University of Milan, but after studying for three years he left his medical studies and joined the army where he was promoted and transferred to Verona. After working for years in army he decided to pursue a career in fashion.

He started his fashion career initially as a window dresser at a departmental store in Milan; there he continued to work as a seller for the Men’s wear department. He achieved helpful marketing experience which is considered an important factor in fashion industry.

His Designing career started from the Nino Cerruti company which provided him a fair chance to design outfits for men’s wear. He enhanced his skill to his best and worked there for ten successful years. He also did freelancing service for many as ten clothing companies at a time.

Giorgio had an introduction with Galeotti in late 1960; they gradually became close associates and worked together as freelancers for years. Galoetti convinced him to start his own designer house in 37 corso venezia in Milan. The freelancing experience made him confident to start working on his own brand label. Giorgio opened his own fashion boutique by his own name as “Armani”. He developed his own distinctive creations and brought new innovation in his designs for men’s casual and party collections. He presented his first men’s summer and spring collections in 1976.In the same season he also introduced his women’s clothing line. He produced a variety of luxury and stylish ready to wear outfits for men and women.

He later founded his own company of Giorgio Armani Corporation in 1979.He expanded his collections to all over United Stated and his brand became a significant icon in international fashion industry. He introduced different product lines including swimwear, Undergarments and famous Armani Accessories.

He also started his famous jeans label for men and women named as Armani Jeans and opened up a new luxury boutique store in Milan in 1982. His brands were getting very popular among young generations and becoming a symbol of luxury and style.

Giorgio Armani had a broad vision for marketing and advertising brands so he created enormous ads campaigns on media. Armani also designed his elegant costumes of hundreds of movies like American Gigolo and The Untouchables.

Giorgio Armani continued his successful journey by renovating the industry with new modern trends and ideas which never be introduced before. He started Armani Japan and introduced new line of products such as eyeglasses, watches, socks, sportswear, ski wear, gift collections, cosmetics and other home accessories. He also manufactured new chic jeans clothing line for men and women known as A/X Armani Exchange.

He has a largest retail network of Armani boutiques, hotels, Emporio Armani, A/X Armani exchange, Armani Accessories, and Armani Junior stores spreading over 37 different countries.

He has a luxurious chain of hotels and restaurants in the world Named as Armani Hotels which are true symbol of ultra modern, elegance and comfort for customers all over the world. The first hotel was opened in Dubai in the year 2010.

He also introduced his world famous fragrance collection for both men and women. This includes fragrances for him, for her and Armani Prive Collections.

Giorgio Armani is a man of many qualities and a holds complete fashion status for many upcoming designers for the next decade. He still focused on latest techniques in modern fashion to set a new trend for his followers at the age of 79.

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