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The term of Fashion and luxury has always been synonymous to each other. Likewise, glamour and elegance is also vice-versa of each other. All these terminologies have a tremendous combination in one single brand named as “Hugo Boss”.

Hugo Boss is an icon of ultra modern, stylish and sophisticated attitude. It defines a way of living style which is extremely trendy and urban creating a signature label in fashion for men and women. It provides a touch of refinement and comfort.

Hugo Boss is known as one of the topmost global fashion and lifestyle brand that provides all-around collection of products including menswear, women wear, kids wear, eyewear, watches and fragrances.

The menswear and women’s wear collections in the Boss Black line offer a rich array of elegance in business, leisure and formalwear. The boss Orange gives off casual collections for men and women who are fond of style and luxury. The Green line deals with the finest quality of golf and sportswear collection for men.

This stylish iconic brand was introduced in 1923 by famous fashion designer named as Hugo Ferdinand Boss who was born on 8th July 1885 and died on 9th August 1948 at the age of 63.Hugo was raised in Metzingen in Wurtumberg. He was the youngest child in the family among five children. His father and mother were named as Heinrich Boss and Louis Boss.

He used to work with his father in their family lingerie store in Metzingen. He later founded his own clothing company after getting inspiration from his family clothing business. In his childhood he has also performed apprenticeship as a merchant. He worked as an apprentice for one year and later started his own company in 1923 and factory in the year 1924.

His factory is based in Metzingen which is a small town located south of Stuttgart. Owing to the adverse and declining economic situation in Germany at that time Hugo boss had to close down his company. But with accumulated hope and determination he signed an agreement with his creditors asking them to lend him six sewing machines to restart his business.

His company continued his business of manufacturing uniforms for postal workers and police officers. In the glorious era of 1950 his company proudly got back its reputation as a maker of fine men's wear and fragrances. Hugo Boss AG was nationalized in 1985, and has been owned by Marzotto since 1991. Hugo Ferdinand Boss got connected the Nazi Party in 1931 and was granted with some rewarding contracts to manufacture uniforms. By the Second World War his shop became the key supplier of SS guard’s uniforms consisting brown shirts and the black Hitler Youth uniforms. In order to fulfill exceeding demands in the post war era he obtained extra labor from Poland and France.

Hugo Boss presently owns a number of approximately 6,102 (P.O.S) points of sale systems operating in 124 countries. The company directly owns over 364 retail stores with over thousand stores and shops owned by franchisees.

Hugo Boss has a vast variety of manufacturing plants located in different countries such as Germany, Turkey, Poland, Italy and United States.

Hugo Boss offers two basic brands named as Boss and Hugo all over the world. There are several varieties such as Boss Black with both men and feminine wear. Similarly, boss orange is also famous clothing brand for men and women. The boss green involves gents and ladies wear, while Hugo also provides stylish outfits for gents and ladies.

Hugo Boss has signed authorized agreements with various companies to produce Hugo Boss branded products such as Proctor and Gamble, Samsung and Movado including Safilo for branded eyewear and sunglasses. Marzotto transformed its fashion brands into the newly created Valentino Fashion Group in 2005.

Hugo Boss also presented his luxurious fragrance collections with 58 sets of perfumes been designed for men and women. These fragrances describe a true sense of flirtatious and inviting appeal to attract opposites to each other. The feminine side provides a feeling of romance, intimacy, softness and delight with some seductive and sensual touch.

Some popular perfumes are defined as boss intense, boss orange, boss pure and boss woman. Femme, Deep red, Hugo women and Boss Nuit pour femme are sensational and emotional perfumes for women.

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