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Every person has a fondness to live a life of luxury and wealth. Ferrari is a meant for people who have a determination to be ahead of the world. This deluxe Sports Car is an icon of comfort, prosperity and pace. It is one of the world’s finest cars meticulously manufactured with excellent design, body and speed.

Enzo Ferrari was the brain behind this most popular Italian sports car which first came out in the year 1929, when the automobile technology was in revolutionary phase. This child had a keen interest in taking part in car racing competitions since his childhood. To fulfill his interest he used to go with his brother (Alfredo) and father to see the motor racing competition in Bologna which made him yearn to become a car racing driver one day.

After facing many hardships and perils in life he found a job as a Test Driver in Turin in the year 1918. Enzo moved to Milan for a job as a test driver with Alfa Torso where he was promoted as a racing driver fulfilling his earnest desire since childhood.

He took part in Targa floria racing event but unfortunately could not succeed. He took pleasure in his long journey as a Test driver to Racing Car Driver for 20 years’ extensive association with Alfa Torso racing division which ended in September 1939.

During his official Alfa Racing Driver Career he achieved fifth and second positions in Targa Floria Racings. He also received a Cavalarie Knight honor for his achievements in car racings.

Meanwhile, Enzo Ferrari kept working on his dream of manufacturing his own racing car, which resulted in creation of his own sports car namely “FERRARI” in the year 1929. Under the banner of Scuderia Ferrari, he gathered a team of people for the creation of sports cars and bikes and organization of racing sports activities which became full fledged technical racing department in 1933.

He started working on his first Ferrari car designing and manufactured it in 1945 by powering it with v12 engine which was most suitable for racing cars. He designed his first road driving car for test driving in 1947. His Ferrari was introduced in formula one and grand prix racing in 1951and achieved the world champion racing car title within a year.

In the year 1969, the company was purchased by Automobile Giant FIAT which is the owner of the half of its shares. This decision became beneficial for the company leading to higher investments and productions for new designed cars.

Ferrari was the pioneer of racing cars competing in Formula one Car races. This car also became very popular among the elites to show off their wealth and class. This led to Ferrari production with many new designs and technology used in a street vehicle. The first Ferrari road car was designed in 1947 driven by a powerful 1.5 LV12 Engine to pickup faster speed for driving enthusiasts.

FIAT’s holding of Ferrari shares benefited in new investments and expansion of factory for increasing production of cars.

Ferrari became a household name in organizing many successful and memorable sports cars racing events and championship. Formula One, Grand prix and Daytona are popular racing competitions held by them.

Ferrari gained many laurels in car racing industry and sustained their name for a longer time. Michael Shumaker, Niki Lauda, Alberto Ascari and Fernando Alonso are few universally known names of Ferrari Sports cars drivers in the racing history.

Ferrari has also manufactured a huge number of street and road cars which are still very popular among people. The first road car was designed in 1949 by the name of 125 S which was made for racing and sports car model and the list goes on as Ferrari 66 Inter, Enzo, Ferrari 250 GTO, Ferrari P4 and P5, 250 Europa etc.

Ferrari started entirely new range of sweet smelling fragrances for men and women and gave a new revolution to this field. These all are elegant and sensuous perfumes designed for unisex to grab massive attention of people.

Sceuderia Ferrari, Red Power Ferrari, Ferrari Black and Ferrari Extreme are some of the famous men perfumes.

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