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Revlon is a well known Cosmetics and skin care brand company enhancing women’s beauty since decades. It has amazing variety of products designed for ladies to make them pretty and attractive. It provides all kind of skin care, personal care and fragrances for women. Revlon has maintained its reputation with vibrant yet exciting and sexy colorful cosmetics for women. This brand is recognized and sold over 175 countries and is still continuing to go ahead in hi-tech innovations in color cosmetics.

The company was founded by Charles Revson and his brother Joseph Revson combining with Charles Lachman who was a chemist. They started the company by developing nail enamel for women. They named their company as Revlon and designed various new shades of dense nail enamel. The founders created a unique manufacturing process.

Charles Revson was a founder of the leading cosmetics line in the world. He was born an American Business man born on 11th October 1906 and died on 24th August 1975. He ran the company successfully through 5 decades.

Revlon Started selling its collection of Nail Polish in different department stores. During a short span of 6 years the company became a multimillion organization. Revlon offered their manicure line with lipstick collection in 1940. It also manufactures makeup products for US Army during the Second World War. Soon the company was listed among top five cosmetics houses in United States. The company further expanded its capabilities and bought a new cutlery manufacturing company named as Graef and Schmidt in order to manufacture its own manicure and pedicure instruments.

The company began to market its products abroad in the era of 1950. It introduced its brand Eterna27 in the year 1968. It was the first cosmetic cream with an estrogen precursor called Progenitin as well as introduced the world's first American fashion designer fragrance named as Norman Norell. Later on, it also launched Braggi and Pub for men including a line of wig maintenance products called Wig Wonder.

Revlon introduced its blasting feminine perfume Charlie in 1973. Charlie was a record breaker perfume in the market with instant sale and demand for women and young girls. It became a romantic symbol for all women. The follow-up fragrance named as Jontue became the number second best selling fragrance.

Famous model Lauren Hutton also signed an exclusive modeling contact for Revlon's Ultima line. She was posed on the cover of Newsweek for this revolutionary cosmetics contract. Moreover, prominent photographer Richard Avedon was signed as the special photographer for the brand.

Charles Revlon died in 1975. Michel Bergerac was hired as President of the company. He continued to expand the company holdings.

Revlon began launching full-color photographic advertisements in major magazines and stores all over the nation. Revlon introduced matching nail polish and lipsticks with unusual and distinctive style. The company introduced Bachelor's Carnation and the next year it launched another product named as Sweet Talk.

In 1950, Revlon introduced a new red lipstick and nail enamel called where the Fire is. Revlon paid one of the world's first supermodels Dorian Leigh to star in some of Revlon's most memorable advertisements of all time. Dorian was covered in purple flowers and wrapped in a pale purple sheet for Ultra Violet in the year 1946. Dorian reappeared in Fashion Plate in 1947.

Her advertisements became Madison Avenue legend sensual ads. Revlon re-created the Fire and Ice magazine ad and selected beautiful actress Jessica Biel. Revlon announced a limited edition Fire and Ice lipstick and nail color.

Revlon is a commercial sponsor of several aid organization projects. The Revlon Run Walk is a jog and stroll event held every year to raise money and provide awareness for breast and ovarian cancer. It also supports some other cancer donations such as Look Good Feel Better and the National Breast Cancer Coalition and operates a mobile mammography clinic in and around Oxford, North Carolina. A Revlon lip gloss shade whose proceeds support Revlon's cancer charities was also created in 2009.

Revlon offers diversified range of products regarding skin care, beauty, personal care and fragrances for women. It aims to enhance the fairness and glowing color in every woman. It helps making women more elegant and attractive.

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