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Whenever we think about luxury and stylish drive the one and only car which comes in our imagination is Hummer. It belongs to those cars who have given a new definition to comfort and pace. It is a robust high speed vehicle ideal for off road and mountainous drive range.

Hummer is often termed as SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle. It is a US Brand of vehicles, mini trucks and SUV which was introduced in the year 1992. It is a super adventurous vehicle for enjoying off road terrain rides and out door adventures.

The very initial Vehicle manufactured under the banner of Hummer Vehicle brand was named as Humvee which was experimentally designed lt by AM General Corporation for the US armed forces named as HMMWV (High Mobility Multi Purpose Wheeled Vehicle) in 1980. This vehicle was used as combating from enemies. After the huge success of this first version design the second similar version was launched for civilians by the name of M998 Humvee as a thriller and action car trend for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Later the company was sold out to Giant US Automobile General Motors in 1999. General Motors sustained the marketing and distributing of all the vehicles previously built by AM General by renaming the original model H1 and also introduced the other new models termed as H2, H2 SUT and H3 in 2005. By the year 2006, Hummer vehicles production were expanded on larger scale and distributed in 33 countries over the world.

The Company enhanced the capabilities of this sporty vehicle and introduced 3 famous designed Models for general public.

Hummer H1

It was the first vehicle designed in the Hummer range based on the Humvee. This particular vehicle was originally designed by American Motors.

Hummer H2

The second vehicle introduced in the Hummer range was named as Hummer 2. This model also came up with different design variations such as H2 SUV and H2 SUT. It is a light truck consists of carrying six passengers capacity.

Hummer H3

The Two other latest mini truck model vehicles were manufactured as H3 and H3T based on the GMT355 platform. The designs are exactly as similar as Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon compact pickup trucks. The company had also created a concept car named as Hummer HX in 2008. It was an airy cars built with two-door off-road terrain drive.

The Brand also manufacture other accessories in addition with cars such as fragrances, shoes, flashlights, clothing, hats including coats as well as CD Players, toys and laptops.

Hummer is now also getting its brand being recognized in Clothing and Apparels. It produces stylish, funky and urban styled clothing most favorite among youngsters. Hummer Clothing Brand has a versatile variety for clothing line including long sleeved golf shirts, checked shirts, long sleeved rugby shirts, jackets and Denim Jeans.

This brand brings its unique fashion apparel and accessories that establish its firm identity. HUMMER apparel and accessory has been specifically designed in order to meet a distinct purpose by representing the tremendous durability and bold style as the vehicle brand. The complete Hummer collection offers all the versatile Clothing Fashion with a contemporary attitude.

This famous brand has been chosen for the best brand ambassador for South Africa national rugby. It was also given the title of Schalk Burger Hummer Brand Ambassador for it’s exceptional on and off the road driving performance.

It is such a fashionable brand that comes together with diverse personality and appeal for kids and elders.

It provides a versatile selection and range of premium and urban clothing especially designed to describe a masculine personality.

The clothing line includes genuine denim, hoodies and t-shirts giving a bold and attractive and appealing look for men. There is a huge variety of kids also comprising of stylish sports t-shirts, jerseys and shorts as well as denim jeans to show their styles.

Some of the famous designed clothing is popular among customers like truck shirts, car clothing, automotive t shirts and race car t-shirts.

Hummer also launched its famous fragrance line with two perfumes named as Hummer and H2 in the year 2004 and 2005 respectively. The perfumes are still popular and demanding in men due to their sharp odor and long lasting appeal for men.

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