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When it comes to elegance and luxury there must be no compromise for anything. There are countless famous perfume brand companies which are offering feminine fragrances to women.

Houbigant has proved itself a leading and above excellence Fragrance Company in the world with a historic background of providing quality and distinction in women fragrance manufacture.

Houbigant is the oldest and foremost feminine perfume brand which was introduced by Jean Francois Houbigant in Paris, France in 1775. He was born in the house of Nicolas Houbigant and Geneviene Rolinart servants of the duchess of Charost on 21st December, 1752 in Paris.

Due to the poor financial situation of both his parents he was given under the guardianship of Duchess who took excellent care of him and brought him up in a very noble and rich environment. She lived in a huge mansion presently located at 39 Rue Du Faubourg Saint Honore. At that time Paris was very popular place for manufacturing and selling fragrances and perfumes. This youthful Jean Francois started selling perfumes, ointments, soaps as well as powders, scented water and gloves for authorized traders in his area.

By the passage of time he became a master perfumer and his becoming father-in-law sponsored him to open his own shop. Jean Francois selected a prosperous and modern location and started selling his own fragrances to the rich customers of the Hotels around this specific area such as Hotel Beauvau and the Hotel Edmond de Rothschild. When he was just the age of 23, he rented a boutique on this street and named it as Houbigant a perfume merchant, glove manufacturer, and maker of powders, ointments including the top quality blush. Jean also used to sell various wedding and first use baskets.

In the five years from 1777 to 1782 his brand store achieved the honor to welcome many famous dignitaries such as the Duchess of Charost , Marquise of Erneville and the Countess of Matignon. After having settled his business well Jean Francois married Nicole Adelaide Deschamps in June 1781. This beautiful pair has to almost 9 years to have their single child named as Armand Gustave.

Houbigant passed away at the age of 55 on October 22, 1807. He passed on a flourishing business to his wife and son. In order to keep running this business smoothly and to take it more forward Nicole Adelaide had no other option left except getting married to the chief clerk of the store.

This House of Houbigant has been offering deluxe perfumes and fragrances for men and women since 1775. It has still kept alive its original traditions of French classic perfumery since many centuries. The designers and researchers of this branded perfumery house has created innovations for customers by making thorough analysis and discoveries in perfume formulations. This legendry fragrance house has introduced the modern perfumery in the existing era.

In the year 1807, this brand Houbigant was chosen as a personal perfumer to Napoleon and designed an unusual perfume for his beautiful spouse named Empress Josephine. This perfume house was appointed as perfumer to Queen Victoria. Paul Parquet became the co-owner of the company in 1880.In the year 1882; he introduced a new fragrance brand named as Fougere Royale. The Royal Alexander 3 termed Houbigant as the imperial court of Russia.

The famous perfumer Biename joined this company in 1912 and designed numerous fragrances until 1935. In 1935 he started his own perfumery brand named as Quelques Fluers.

Houbigant expanded its business operations around the world. The company set up its offices in Paris, United States including England as well as Belgium, Holland and Switzerland also covering other countries such as Italy, Spain, Poland and Romania. It made its strong connections in Havana, Australia, Japan and China.

Houbigant has a long lost of branded products manufactured under its name some of the famous brands are as Fur gloves, Flower scented powder, brown powder, ointments, Scented water, Soaps, Tooth brushes, Fine sponges and flasks.

The House of Houbigant has designed wonderful collections of perfumes for men and women by giving an entire touch of elegance and perfection. It gives off a true sense of softness, romance and seduction for women. Some popular fragrances include are Chantily, Fougere Royale and Lutece for women.

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