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Berdoues and the Art of Perfume

Parfums Berdoues is one of those venerable perfumeries whose history goes back quite some time. It was founded in the early 20th century as a family business, and four generations later, it remains in the hands of that family. Since then, they have refined their techniques, getting even better with time.

The Berdoues Legacy

As with many other great brands, Groupe Berdoues began with one man, Guillaume Berdoues, in 1902, in Toulouse, France. Violets grew in profusion around the region of Toulouse and Guillaume was quick to capitalize upon that, even making the violet the symbol of his work. In that time, violets soliflores were the scent everyone wanted to wear. Even today, violets are a part of some of their perfumes, keeping the tradition alive.

It was Guillaume’s son, Henri Berdoues, who created the first wildly popular fragrance for the company. In 1936, he created a fragrance from the essence of one type of violet to declare his love for a particular woman. This perfume, called Violette de Toulouse, became a world export, making Berdoues an international name in the world of perfumes, and establishing the company as a real force in the industry.

Pierre Berdoues brought the company into the modern era back in the 1960s, by building a new manufacturing site in their hometown of Toulouse, using new technologies to create the same fragrances they had made famous – and of course to develop some new ones.

Classics, Old and New

Groupe Berdoues is always looking to the future, but that does not meant they abandon the past by any means. One of the earliest fragrances made by Guillaume Berdoues, back in 1902, is still a good seller for the company.

1902 Lavande Parfumes Berdoues is a fragrance that smells delightful on both men and women. It is not intended to incite passions. Instead, it is a peaceful and relaxing cologne, fresh, and spicy, with floral overtones. Lavender, geranium, anis, and rose bring the feeling of lying under the warm Provence sun. This is definitely a fragrance for those who like to spread some of their inner peace to others.

The combination of tradition with technology has continued to make Groupe Berdoues a relevant part of the perfume business for the last century and more. Every step in their process has been refined and perfected down to the smallest details. The company even has its own perfumers who create the scents they offer to the public. There is a whole team of expert perfumers in their Research and Development Department who work on finding the ideal mixtures of ingredients which will compose the next sensation from Berdoues.

Past, Present, and Future

Unlike many other perfumers, a Berdoues fragrance is in their hands from conception to final product. The company has one singular goal – excellence – and they pursue this goal with a deep passion. From the time they make it, to the time they send it out to the public, excellence is the watchword. Only the best ingredients, the most attractive packaging, the strictest production methods, and the highest quality possible are used. Other brands and licenses have come to Berdoues to see that the fragrances they have envisioned are subjected to the same process, craving that same excellence in their own creations.

The research and development teams are just as involved in the quality of Berdoues fragrances as the marketing teams and the management. Everything from formulation to packaging is done from their headquarters in Toulouse. More than one hundred years of meticulous standards and a spirit of innovation have given Berdoues the international prestige they deserve, but they haven’t stopped yet.

No matter how big the company gets, they never forget their primary goal of excellence. They are not only masters of fragrance, but of cosmetics and skincare products, as well, all made with the same eye toward quality and perfection as their perfumes.

Today, Groupe Berdoues still remains in the hands of family, headed by Sophe Berdoues, the great-granddaughter of Guillaume Berdoues. She, and the rest of the company, share the vision of their founder: to inspire and move others through the art of perfumery. In this, they have succeeded admirably and strive to continue to do so into the years to come.

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