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Angel Schlesser was founded by Angel Fernandez Ovejero who goes by the same name, Angel Schlesser. The designer began his start in 1983 alongside Juan Rufete. Angel Fernandez Ovejero was born in Santander, Spain. The brand Angel Schlesser is a popular name in Spain, especially in the fashion industry where he produced his first men’s collection in the 1984-85 season. In 1988, the smaller women’s collection was produced, however, the women’s collection has grown to be his main focus into the present day. The designer is recognized throughout Spain and is now internationally recognized. The recognition in Spain has garnered him several awards and allowed him to produce designs for large events like the XXV Olympic Games in Barcelona and full-length feature films. He is famous in Spain and has appeared in Pasarela Cibeles, a well-known fashion show, where he got his start and has continuously appeared there up until 2016.

Unfortunately, Schlesser has faced a series of conflicts with his partner Oscar Aveces. A deal that was made for the better of the company regrettably took a turn that was unexpected for Schlesser. Unhappy with the way the brand was looking and the contract that he signed, Angel stepped away from the brand in 2016 and has not produced a new design for them since. There has been a series of lawsuits and insults thrown between the two former partners and has led to the public hearing the duo speaking of each other in a negative light. There has been much support for Angel Schlesser since his departure by models he has worked with and others in his industry. Many have made an uproar for his return and took to social media pleading for his return and that the former partners may reach an agreement. However, with all the claims of fraud against Angel Schlesser and document falsification against Oscar Aveces, nobody sees a peaceful solution between the two.

Angel Schlesser introduced himself into the fragrance world in 1999 upon expanding his collection. He started off with the Femme collection in 1999 and followed with a male version of the collection, Homme, in 2001. There are many fragrances for both Femme and Homme, however, the site has only a select few for Femme out of the total produced and Homme only has two. The Femme collection focuses on the modern woman and the different facets of her. They mostly all have a floral, fruity, or woody keynotes with the exception being As Femme Eau De Toilette being a more oriental fragrance. The two Homme fragrances on the site contain essential Eau Toilette and Madera de Naranjo Eau Toilette also known as Wood of Orange Eau Toilette in English.

Origins and Fame

The designer, Angel Fernandez Ovejero, better known as Angel Schlesser, founded the firm under the same name in 1983 alongside his partner Juan Rufete. Angel Fernandez is a Cantabrian designer born in Santander, Spain. Since the beginning of Angel Schlesser, Fernandez has carried out many projects and achieved a brand that is internationally recognized. The first men’s collection was introduced in the 1984-85 season. Later, Fernandez introduced a smaller collection for women in 1988 and has continued that to the present. Also in 1988, Angel Fernandez paraded for the first time at Pasarela Cibeles. Pasarela Cibeles is also known as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid now, whereas prior it was just simply Madrid Fashion Week. The success at the fashion week led to hi earning many awards and eventually allowed him to open both his own stores and franchises.

As a result, Angel Schlesser has become an essential reference in the industry of fashion in Spain. The designer gained many awards and marks of recognition. At Cibeles in 1997, Angel Fernandez received the award for creativity and in 1991 he received the Golden T for Best New Designer in the Telva Magazine. His first store was opened in Madrid in 1996 and following his growing success, he opened stores in Bilbao, Valencia, Santander, Seville, and Granada.

Angel Schlesser is well known for its fashion. The collections they have created are directed towards the urban working woman with a nod towards a practical and elegant disposition. His designs were so notable that in 2000 Schlesser received a commission to produce and designed two sets for the Anniversary of the XXV Olympic Games in Barcelona. Feature films such as Hazlo por Mi and Mas Que Amor Frenesi have even featured some of his designs and he has personally created costumes specifically for these films. Angel Schlesser designs are simple and modern with strength lying in the nobility of the fabrics with sharp precision in the cuts and close attention paid towards the proportion of the volume.

The designer’s first appearance on the international stage was in 1998 where he participated in Tel Aviv, a Spanish fashion show. Come July 2001, Angel Schlesser accompanied Jose Maria Aznar, the President of the Spanish Government, on his visit to Mexico and presented his collection at the fashion show sponsored by the Spanish Foreign Trade Institute.

Since 1988, Angel Fernandez has focused on women’s fashion until 2016 where he separated from his brand and has since not designed Angel Schlesser’s Collections. While he still loves his brand, conflicts between a former partner resulted in his departure.

Debt, Conflict, and Lawsuits

Angel Fernandez met Oscar Areces more than a decade ago. Oscar Areces Galan is one of the five children of Luis Areces and the shareholder of El Corte Ingles and was the one who introduced Angel Schlesser designs into catalogs of department stores. Fernandez, in hopes of finding a balance between creative genius and corporate adjustments, had a conversation with Oscar Areces that led to the sale 75% of Angel Schlesser. The original founder of the brand was hoping that by selling this portion of his company would result in the re-launch of his firm and opening up to the international market with a reinforced corporate structure. Unfortunately for Angel Fernandez, the agreement established was not what Angel Fernandez was looking for which led to the conflicts he currently faces. Fernandez retained 25% of their shares and ended up having no registered business entities after 16 years of being a sole administrator. The disagreements between the two led to Angel Fernandez dropping from creative directive before the contract ended resulting in several lawsuits against the original founder of Angel Schlesser. Fernandez departed from the creative process of his brand and he no longer steps on his atelier.

According to Fernandez, the change was too traumatic and put too big of a load on the entire team starting with those who worked closest with him. The agreement entailed expanding the group, which in turn resulted in the group expanding to one person and making a collection outside of his own. In the interview, Angel Fernandez had clearly stated his disappointment with the turn of the company. Multiple times, the designer had said that he no longer recognized the brand that was once his own. He has made it clear that he desires to reclaim the breach of the contract and recover his position as creative director.

Oscar Areces claimed that Angel Fernandez could not handle the new organizational chart, the changes they wanted to undertake, and the new functions and responsibilities. The former partner has stated publicly that it was Fernandez’s decision to leave society and its tasks. Many claims and accusations have been made against Angel Fernandez by Oscar Areces including filing complaints about fraud and documentary falsification against the Fernandez. The claims came from looking into the company accounts and seeing how in 2015, the continuity of the company wouldn’t be plausible, yet there was the possibility the designer falsified the capital amounts to look like benefits instead of losses. In turn, the designer sued for ruining his company and feeling cheated for making such a sale at a disadvantage to him. He has accused Oscar Areces of being disloyal to Angel Schlesser. In the eyes of the public, the tension between these two former friends does not seem to be fading away anytime soon nor does a peaceful and friendly solution appear to be forthcoming. Schlesser has been openly negative towards Areces’ leadership even calling it crazy and insane. Though, there is a sadness in Fernandez that he may end up losing the company that he spent so much of life building up.

There are, however, many people in support of Angel Fernandez and wish for him to return to Angel Schlesser in order to avoid further damage being done to it. A large number of actresses and models who have worked with Fernandez has supported the campaign that was spontaneously made in order to support the designer.

As of now, the creative team of the brand contains Carolina Menendez and Alexandre Garcia who have both worked with him in his last four collections. Oscar Areces has praised both of the two creative team members and has claimed that they are maintaining the brand image despite previous comments made by Angel Fernandez claiming otherwise.


Angel Schlesser released its first fragrances in 1999. The first was its women’s fragrance and bath lie called “Angel Schlesser Femme” followed by a male version of the collection in 2001 entitled “Angel Schlesser Homme.” All of their fragrances are said to be perfect for urban women which have continued to be the focus of the Angel Schlesser brand. The fragrances are meant to be pleasant, personal, original and lasting. Each in the Femme collection has its own elegance and sensuality that enhance the feminine, hardworking and urban figure.


There are seven fragrances within the Femme collection on the Angel Schlesser site: Femme Adorable, Angel Schlesser Femme Eau Toilette, Peonia Rosa Eau Toilette, Bergamota Eau Toilette, Flower of Orange Eau Toilette, As Femme Eau De Parfum and Essential Parfum.

There are also several fragrances not found on their site that have been produced such as Angel Schlesser Pirouette Eau De Toilette, Angel Schlesser Pour Elle Eau De Perfume, and Angel Schlesser Te De Grosella Eau De Toilette.

Femme Adorable is described as simple and refined and the holds the symbol contemporary femininity. At the heart of the fragrance are delicate roses with a soft background of gourmand. The olfactory pyramid listed for this includes citrus – pink – floral. The packaging is a soft pink.

Angel Schlesser Femme Eau Toilette expresses the perfect combination of natural beauty, delicacy, and femininity. The fresh fragrance is luminous, transparent, and woody with a distinctive charming aroma that's used to persist in the skin. The olfactory pyramid for this fragrance is citrus – aromatic – woody. The packaging is white.

Peonia Rosa Eau Toilette stemmed from Angel Schlesser’s fascination for the peony. As a result, the fragrance with its fresh and ultra woody scent was born meant to be delicate and seductive. The olfactory pyramid for this fragrance is floral – fruity – woody. This feminine fragrance is packaged in a white and pink box.

The next fragrance, Bergamota Eau Toilette contains the perfect balance between freshness and nature. The heart of this fragrance is Bergamot utilized to its fullest for its aroma and intensity. The olfactory pyramid for this fragrance is citrus – floral – woody. The fragrance packaging is white.

Flower of Orange, originally known as Flor de Naranjo Eau Toilette in Spanish, is derived from the beautiful flower with a lovely aroma, Flor de Naranjo. This flower has historically been used in perfumery. The olfactory pyramid for this fragrance is citrus – floral – Cyprus. The packaging is white and a pale orange.

As Femme Eau de Parfum is an intense and sensual version of the more delicate and elegant collection of Femme. Packaged in a white and gold box, it is bolder than the previous additions to the collection. The olfactory pyramid for this fragrance is oriental – vanilla – amber which is very different from their typically more fruity, floral, and woody scents that are within this collection.

The Essential perfume spray is a fragrance combine with woody, floral, and fruity notes that embraces the skin and is perfect for all occasions.

Angel Schlesser Pirouette Eau De Toilette is a spray inspired by the world of ballet with a floral-oriental composition. The spray is aimed towards women with a passionate and dynamic way of life as they continue to cherish their sophisticated side.


The Angel Schlesser site has two male colognes listed, however, there were more fragrances created. The two main colognes are Essential Eau Toilette and Madera de Naranjo Eau Toilette also known as Wood of Orange Eau Toilette in English.

The male version of the Essential Eau Toilette contains a modern scent with some fruity and floral notes. The olfactory pyramid is aromatic – tonic – woody – fruity.

Madera de Naranjo Eau Toilette uses the Naranjo wood which is a common element used in the base notes of perfumes. This ingredient brings out the character and elegance in fragrances. The olfactory pyramid for this fragrance is citrus – aromatic – woody.


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