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Bronnley England (or H. Bronnley & Co UK) is one of the original British perfume brands, created by James Bronnley in 1884. The company still operates today, creating luxurious, long-lasting, and high-quality perfumes in addition to selling soap and other toiletries. An important idea that the company encapsulates is providing products that contain natural ingredients and aren’t tested on animals (“Other Information”). Currently, the head office is in Milton Keynes (“Contact Us”).

The success of this company is due to the ingredients that Bronnley England incorporates in its products. When James Bronnley was studying perfume production in Paris, France, he understood the impact of using the finest ingredients. The company’s fragrances present the natural aroma of flowers and other environmental elements, like lilies or wood (“Bronnley England Homepage”). It is currently partnered with the Royal Horticultural Society to make unique fragrance combinations using natural ingredients that ensure the longevity and richness of its products (“Royal Horticultural Society”).

The higher status of this company is reflected through the two Royal Warrants it has been served. The first was issued by King George VI, while the latter was given by Queen Elizabeth II. As of today, the company still holds the Royal Warrant (“Our History”).

Likewise, the company receives exposure from other outlets, like magazines. Author Audrey Patterson of My Weekly Magazine listed Bronnley England’s perfume, Pink Peony & Rhubarb Eau De Toilette, as one of her top 6 beauty essentials. In addition to this, the company’s perfume has been featured in HELLO! Magazine, You Magazine, LOOK Magazine, The Independent, and plenty of others (“Bronnley In the Press”).

Bronnley England is a company dedicated to ensuring that its products are cruelty-free and abide by certain policies. The brand does not directly or indirectly test its individual ingredients or finished products on animals. While most of its products do not contain substances derived from animals, there are a few exceptions, including the Honey Blossom range, RHS Rose Body Lotion, RHS Hand Lotion, and the hand and nail creams. The company also includes a Bronnley Palm Oil Policy, guaranteeing that any palm oil ingredient used is certified sustainable, as well as an Environmental Policy and Ethical Policy (“Other Information”).

With its use of natural, cruelty-free ingredients to create high-quality and long-lasting products, Bronnley England is expected to continue seeing growth in the market for its perfume and other toiletries.

Early History (1884 to 1938)

Bronnley England (or H. Bronnley & Co UK) was founded by James Bronnley in 1884 when he was only 19 years old. Prior to this, Bronnley, inspired by the renowned Parisian perfumes, traveled from Britain to France to understand this exclusive craft. While studying soap and perfume production, he began to experiment with innovative ingredient combinations to create unique fragrances that could finally establish Britain's own staple perfume signature (“Made In Britain | British Perfumery”).

James Bronnley eventually returned to England and founded Bronnley England in a small shed in Holborn, Central London - with the help of friends lending him the location and loans (“Bronnley Soap History from LONDONS Bathecary”). Although it started from humble beginnings, the founder’s dedication in using pure, high-quality ingredients to create extravagant products promised great success for the then, small business.

The demand of this company’s products soon allowed for James Bronnley to move it to a larger location in Islington, North London (“Bronnley : luxury toiletries). But once again, its rapid success forced the company to move shortly thereafter, to a factory in Acton - near the countryside (“Bronnley Soap History from LONDONS Bathecary”).

Bronnley England experimented with its brand and products for years. Shortly after the First World War, with the momentum of the Women’s Movement, department stores were pushed to specialize in catering towards female products and services. With this, the business started to make products specifically for women, such as hand creams. The appeal of these products led it to gain Macy's (in the United States), Fortnum & Mason, and Harrods as customers (“Our History”).

James Bronnley’s Death and the Second World War (1938 to 1949)

In 1938, James Bronnley passed away. Bronnley England was then left to be run by his daughter, Gladys, and her husband, Hans Rossiter. While the company had been quite popular in the years prior, soap rationing during World War II did present a problem for demand. Fortunately for his family, due to the founder’s dedication in creating durable products, the longevity of the brand’s soaps encouraged consumers to spend their money on this brand’s soaps rather than other brands that didn’t last quite as long and were of lower quality.

Eventually, the work of the family would pay off in the form of receiving its first Royal Warrant in 1943. King George VI rewarded Bronnley England with this which would allow the company to indicate that their products were being consumed by the royal court or someone of royalty (“Our History”).

Factory Fire (1947 to 1989)

Bronnley England suffered a terrible loss when a fire broke and destroyed the company’s factory in 1947. As a result, it had to use temporary locations until 1952, when it found a suitable replacement in a former brewery found in Brackley, Northamptonshire (“Bronnley : luxury toiletries”). Nearly 40 years later, in 1989, the company built a new factory in the same area.

Despite the misfortunes the business experienced in this time period, there were still great moments of success. In 1955, it was proud to receive its second Royal Warrant, now from King George VI’s daughter, Queen Elizabeth II. As of 2019, it still has this Royal Warrant (“Queen Elizabeth II 90 years”).

(1989 to Present)

Bronnley England still continues its production in that factory in Brackley, Northamptonshire. In 1999, the company created a partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society, which still exists as of 2019. The two businesses work together to produce toiletries inspired by the fragrances of nature.

For most of the brand’s existence, it has been run by the family of James Bronnley. After three generations managed the company, this finally changed as a result of a large management buy-in ran by Leslie Barber (a former chief executive of Lornamead) in 2007. With this development, the then chairman and relative of James Bronnley, Ann Rossiter, retired. Included with the company’s new board was Stuart Rose, a former executive of BodyShop. One of the goals that the business now wanted to pursue was keeping the British signature of the products while also being attractive to modern consumers (Woollen and Joy, 2014).

In 2011, the Bronnley England administration was bought out by shareholders. With this change, it shifted to doing manufacturing through outsourcing (“Jobs at Brackley luxury soap maker could be at risk”, 2012 ). As of 2013, the headquarters of the company was moved to Milton Keynes (“Bronnley : luxury toiletries”).


Bronnley England specializes in creating and selling perfumes, soaps, and other toiletries. Through using natural ingredients, the company develops excellent products with luxurious aromas. As one of the original British perfumeries, these fragrances carry the signature British scents that distinguish the brand from others across the world. Bronnley England assures its consumers that its products are cruelty-free; they do not commission any form of animal testing for their finished products. Likewise, most of these products do not carry ingredients derived from animals, except for the Honey Blossom range, RHS Rose Body Lotion, RHS Hand Lotion, and the hand and nail creams. In addition to this, the business is dedicated to following its Environmental Policy so that resources and wastes are responsibly handled in the production process.

Eclectic Elements Collection

The Electric Elements Collection is one of the latest perfume collections produced by Bronnley England. Mixing the company’s experience of using natural ingredients with other expertise, it has developed six new striking fragrances. These aromas, inspired by the elements (Earth, water, air, fire, and aether), create unique and rich scent combinations not previously explored. The perfumes included are Zealous Flower, Wild Green, Crimson Cloud, Citrine Lagoon, Cosmic Bloom, and Exotic Embers ( “Eclectic Elements Collection | Contemporary Fragrance”).

The Royal Horticultural Collection

Bronnley England partnered with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) to create beautiful fragrances and other toiletries. With both companies sharing similar values, this collection’s products resemble the scents found in nature. There are about 60 products available in this partnership’s collection as of 2019. Within this are smaller collections focusing on individual fragrances, like RHS Rose, RHS Sweet Pea, RHS Poppy Meadow, RHS Blossom, RHS Blossom Orchard, RHS Natural Gardeners Therapy, and more RHS Floral Collections (“The Royal Horticultural Society Toiletries”).

Classic Collections

Bronnley England provides Classic Collections that exhibit the traditional, natural aromas that are a signature of the British perfume brand. Two of the smaller collections within this one includes the Citrus Collection and Floral Collection. In addition, the Classic Collection also features the James Bronnley Collection, products designed with sophisticated scents for men, as well as the English Heritage Collection, items inspired by the English garden heritage and herbal aromas (“English Heritage Toiletries and Fragrances”).

Bath and Hand Soaps

One of the most iconic products this company sells is its bath soaps. James Bronnley crafted lush soaps inspired by floral and citrus aromas such as lemon, lime, orange, rose, hibiscus, and sweat pea - also coloring them to resemble these ingredients. Some of the citrus soaps, particularly lemon, are molded into the actual shape of the fruit. The business also sells gardeners bath soap, honey bath soap, and James Bronnley Original bath soap (for men). Guaranteeing their high-quality and longevity, these soaps are triple milled, making them creamy and rich (“Bath Soap”).


Palm Oil

Some of Bronnley England’s products may contain palm oil. Palm oil has been a controversial topic because of its negative effects on the environment, such as deforestation and the excessive amount of greenhouse emissions produced when this ingredient is harvested (Zuckerman and Steinmetz, 2017 ). However, the company has implemented the Bronnley Palm Oil Policy to guarantee that all palm oil, or palm oil derived, ingredients are 100% fully traceable, certified, and sustainably produced. It ensures that its contract manufacturers follow the supply chain standards and principles gathered by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) (“Other Information”).

Sweet Almond Protein and Witch Hazel

Some products of Bronnley England may include sweet almond protein and witch hazel. Sweet almond protein helps to protect skin and moisturize it (“Hydrolyzed Sweet Almond Protein”). On the other hand, witch hazel is a skin-conditioning ingredient that may help in reducing itching, pain, and acne (Hall, 2018). All the floral body washes this company produces feature these two ingredients.


Many Bronnley England perfumes and toiletries include the ingredient of jasmine because of its pleasant fragrance and how it invokes the senses of an English garden. Jasmine plants are part of the olive family. The company extracts their flowers at night when they are most fragrant. The company’s Orange and Jasmine Collection features a combination of jasmine with orange, mandarin, and lily. This collection features the following products: a bath and shower gel, body lotion, hand lotion and wash, soap, eau de toilette, and a hand wash and hand lotion gift set. Bronnley England has also crafted the RHS Winter Jasmine Eau De Toilette, which mixes the scents of jasmine, freesia, gardenia, amber and wood aromas (“Jasmine Scent”).


Bronnley England uses the mineral talc for their scented talcum powders. The talc mineral is found in metamorphic rocks all over the world. Talcum powder has been used to absorb perspiration and reduce the smell of sweat, in place of deodorant. This is also used to dry wet skin after bathing and to extend the duration of skin fragrance. The company sells five talcum powders in the fragrances of freesia, lavender, lily, orchard, and pink bouquet - an assortment of different floral smells (“Scented Talcum Powder”).

Animal Ingredients

Bronnley England’s products are cruelty-free and abide by specific policies. The company does not commission any form of animal testing for their finished products. While most of its products do not contain ingredients derived from animals, there are a few exceptions, including the Honey Blossom range, RHS Rose Body Lotion, RHS Hand Lotion, and the hand and nail creams (“Other Information”).


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