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The Sweet Scent of Aquolina

Many perfumes attempt to be sensuous and seductive, which makes the innocent sweetness of Aquolina fragrances all the more refreshing. They made a big stir in 2003 when they released their first creation, Pink Sugar. That success was followed in 2006 by a men’s scent, Blue Sugar. Since then, they have branched out, even offering a perfume for more mature patrons, but Aquolina has never lost the sweetness at its heart.

What is Aquolina?

There’s no epic story about one lone perfumer struggling upward to international acclaim, when it comes to Aquolina. This little perfumer is a daughter company of the Italian cosmetics firm, Selectiva, which in turn is part of the Paglieri group.

Paglieri is a name familiar to many Italians, known since 1876 for its creation of high quality goods. Many of their products are now mainstays in the field of body care, so they know what customers want. Paglieri was once a small perfumer, but over the past century and more, they have grown into something much greater than that, encompassing a number of smaller, more focused interests, like Aquolina.

Before the arrival of Pink Sugar, Aquolina was mostly known for creating body care products based on yogurt, and cosmetics for younger girls. It was only logical that they would produce their own fragrances for the same people, making their body care portfolio complete. Keeping their primary audience in mind, Aquolina went for something a little different than many perfumers – they wanted to appeal to the youth of their primary customer base in a way only a company like Aquolina could.

Sugar and (a Little) Spice

Aquolina drew on scents that younger people love, like cotton candy, to create their first fragrances, and hit on the perfect blend. Young girls will love its sweet scent, while those a bit more mature will be reminded of all those things they loved in their childhoods. A good scent evokes certain feelings and memories – many of these perfumes inspire those happy nostalgic feelings of carefree days.

The first fragrance to come from Aquolina was Pink Sugar, directed specifically at young girls who like sweet smells. This perfume certainly fits that criteria, smelling of fruit and candy. It opens with Sicilian orange, bergamot, and green notes from fig leaves. A touch of lily of the valley infuses the red fruits and licorice blossoms at its heart, which all rests on a base of caramel and vanilla, with the barest musky and woodsy tones. This base, specifically the vanilla and caramel, are what give it its happy playful tone, touched with a bit of mischief, as well.

Blue Sugar, being a fragrance for men, was a bit of a departure from the Pink Sugar. It was still sweet at its heart, but a bit more aromatic and woody in its overall tone. Like its predecessor, it opens with fruits, like bergamot and mandarin orange, but there are some slightly bolder tones in the middle of coriander and patchouli, along with the sweeter hints of licorice and cotton candy. It has cedar at its base, with tonka bean, and star anise. For men, it is a different sort of scent than most of those offered, but like all of Aquolina’s unique offerings it certainly has its following.

Chocolovers was created and launched in 2006 to appeal to men and women alike. The love of chocolate is nigh universal, after all. This singular fragrance has a nutty sweet vanilla aroma. It is rounded out by notes of coriander, musk, orange, hazelnut, lily-of-the-valley, lemon, and bergamot.

Gold Sugar departs from innocence, and enters the realm of sweet luxury. It retains the smooth aura of vanilla, but mixes it with white flowers and musk for something entirely unique. This fragrance is easy to find, whether in perfume, shower gel, or Body Butter, due to its opulent gold packaging. Upon smelling the contents, it’s easy to see this is an entirely new product that nonetheless still retains the sweetness Aquolina is known for. Familiar scents of orange mix with new aromas like crème brule accord, coconut, cream, and other lavish notes.

Aquolina took the pink bottle used in Pink Sugar and dressed it up in black lace to create a fragrance decidedly for the more mature set in Pink Sugar Sensual. It’s still got those soft and sugary undertones, but adds black currant and tangerine for a certain tartness in its top notes. It has a flowery heart of pink jasmine petals, orange blossoms, and tiare flowers, with seductive woody tones of sandalwood at its base, mixed with smooth vanilla and a darkly sweet hint of black sugar.

The Young and the Young at Heart

There is something definitely unique in the products of Aquolina. It’s a perfume line that grows up with the wearer. From the sweet and playful innocence of Pink Sugar, to the creamy bliss of Chocolover, to the sugary seductiveness of Pink Sugar Sensual, there is surely something for everyone.

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