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Gloria Vanderbilt can be certainly regarded as a lady of charm, creativity and versatility because of her unique talent and skills to achieve success and fame in many different fields. She was a popular Hollywood Actress, author and artist with colorful designs. Her most famous is designer blue jeans.

Gloria Vanderbilt was born on February 20th 1924 in New York City. She was the solitary child of her parents. Her father was a railroad heir named Reginald Clay Poole Vanderbilt and her mother Gloria Morgan. She has also a step sister named Cathleen Vanderbilt. Her family has a good fortune of having the assets and properties from shipping and Railways.

Her childhood was quite painful and miserable after his father’s death at the very young age by the cause of excessive drinking. She always remained the issue of supervision between her mother and her aunt Gertrude. She was given in guardianship of her aunt by putting false allegations on her mother. She grew up in a luxurious environment at her aunt’s mansion in old Westbury, Long Island. She was always encircled by her close cousins who live in nearby houses.

Gloria Vanderbilt initially studied from the Greenvale School, then she was sent to Miss Porter School in Connecticut and she did her last schooling from The Wheeler School located in Providence, Rhode Island. She also attended the Arts Students League in New York City which helped her creating the artistic and creative skills which later on made her become a famous Artist. She also had a keen interest in acting she fulfilled her passion by studying art at Neighborhood Playhouse.

At the time when she reached at the maturity and properly took control of her trust fund, she totally got herself separated from her mother who supported her till her last moment of life. She became the heiress of the trust fund for the amount of 5 Million Pounds. Gloria’s mother also spent a sorrowful life. She lived together with her sister for her all life and died in Beverly Hills in 1965.

Gloria Vanderbilt had four weddings; her first marriage was happened with Pat Diccico in 1941.She did her second marriage to conductor Leopold Stowkowski in April 1945.She have 2 sons with him named Leopard Stanislaus and Christopher Stowkowski. Gloria married for her third time with Sidney Lumet who was a movie director but unfortunately it also did not last longer. Lastly, she got married to Wyatt Emori Cooper on Dec 28, 1956.They have two sons namely Carter Vanderbilt Cooper and Anderson Hays Cooper.

Her Husband Wyatt Cooper died during an open heart surgery in New York City in 1978. She also got a shocking trauma of her son carter who did a committed suicide by jumping down from his apartment at the young age of 23. Gloria has 3 grand children of his elder son named Aurora, Abra and Myles.

Gloria Vanderbilt has had successful life as an actor, author, artist, and designer. She did her first one- woman show of paintings at the Bertha Schaafer Gallery in 1952. In 1953 she started her career as an actress in a movie called The Swan. This made her way to working on stage and television. Her performances are now part of the collection of the American Museum of Broadcasting in New York City.

She wrote her first collection of her poetry named as Love Poems published by World Publishing Company in 1954. Vanderbilt has also written and published a book regarding her memorable biography describing about her all life named as once upon a time and the memory book of star faithfull. She presented her creativity of art and fine line drawing at the Hammer Gallery in New York. She gave her appearance on Broadway theatre in the beautiful play of the time of your life in the year 1955.Gloria also performed some good roles in acting. She has been very popular for her social circle in the intellectual and social elite of New York. Her close friends include Truman Capote.

Gloria Vanderbilt emerged into the fashion industry in the era of 1970. She has designed a wonderful collection of jeans that turned out to be largely popular. She introduced her brand signature of swan logo in her jeans. She has a vast collection of all variety of clothes and perfumes. Her famous fragrance collection includes honeymoon, Vanderbilt for men and Vanderbilt women.

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