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In Today’s Era of Fashion and style Gucci has set the standard of being the leading fashion house in the world trending for most exclusive and contemporary style clothing with many other luxury brands including, sunglasses, watches and shoes for men and women.

Gucci is specialized in fashion scene and has become an international status brand icon for men and women. It defines a touch of elegance and sophistication in his products by having a vast successful market exposure of 90 years. This brand has a true signature label of refinement and premium quality products.

Gucci was introduced by famous Italian designer named Guccio Gucci as a fashion and leather good brand in 1921 in Florence, Italy. He was born in Florence on 26th March 1881.He had a very distressed childhood with some bad circumstances as his father’s millinery business got unsuccessful and they were having a difficult time. Gucci decided to leave his hometown and moved to London to make his career. He found a job in renowned Savory Hotel and keenly observed the urban luxurious lifestyle.

He used to get very impress by the elegant chic luggage of the customers of the hotel. He conceived the idea of designing luxury leather goods by himself. He returned to his hometown and by the accumulated money he earned from the job opened a small leather shop in Florence in 1920. Initially he started selling his quality leather products to horse saddler travelers and then soon expanded his brand stores in Rome and Milan.

His first retail shop was opened in 1938 which had exclusive range of leather items including leather luggage, shoes, ties with stylish handbags for women. Gucci’s Second retail shop was started in 1939 in Milan a year after launching a store in Rome. Gucci became an iconic brand store in the year 1940 by introducing latest style of bamboo bags for customers.

This brand gradually became the symbol of modern luxury by introducing its finest leather products in New York. This brand also created their product catalog by introducing the new GG Logo which is still the fashion label today.

Guccio Gucci suddenly died in 1953; his company was taken over by his four sons named Aldo Gucci, Vasco Gucci, Ugo Gucci and Rodolfo Gucci. They further expanded their brand store to new possibilities by opening new stores in Paris, London, Palm Beach, Tokyo and Beverly Hills.

By the era of 1960 the Gucci fame had reached to all over Hollywood with renowned celebrities including Peter Sellers, Audrey Hepbum and Grace Kelly.

Maurizio Gucci became the chairman of the company in 1989 but could not fulfill his responsibilities as a result the company faced a huge financial loss and the heirs intended to further divide the company in order to get their shares.

The company was fortunately survived from bankruptcy due to an intelligent woman named Dawn Mello who again took the reins of the company and did her best endeavors to restore the Gucci image back.

She was appointed as executive vice president as well as creative director of this luxurious brand company. She introduced many new varieties of brand collections such as leather goods, cosmetics, perfumes, suitcases, jewelry, silk scarves, ties, belts, shoes, eye glasses, sun glasses and watches. The brand Gucci has become a world leading in luxury refined goods collections such as women clothing wear, men clothing wear, kids clothing wear, home-wares, handbags and beauty products with precious timepieces. Gucci was the first and the oldest Italian fashion company to create its own Gucci Glasses and sunglasses collections. The significance of this famous brand is revealed in the ideal balance between the classic Italian and Florence heritage and status. Gucci has received an ever increasing admiration as a leading fashion house for its loyalty to guarantee customers for their reliability and trust.

Frida Giannini is the current Creative director of Gucci who is regarded as a new voice in fashion and luxury of modern times. Her creative designs show a deep understanding of this esteemed fashion house as having its historic heritage alive.

Gucci introduced its first fragrance collection by launching Gucci No.1 for Women in 1974. Its latest edition is Forever Now been designed for both men and women. Some other perfumes are Guilty, Gucci Rush, Gucci Premier, Envy me and Gucci by Gucci.

All fragrances are symbol of extreme luxury, style, seduction, intimacy and bold sensuality for men and women.

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