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He was the true fashion and style icon of industry still be remembered for all its variations in women trend. He is known as the pioneer of stylish hats and sporty fashion since the era of 1970.

This artistic designer is well known today as Halston. He was born as Roy Halston Frowick on 23rd April 1932 in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. His father was a Norwegian Accountant.

Roy used to see her mother sewing clothes for him and his younger sister so he gradually developed keen interest in designing clothes and as a little child he started sewing hats and altering clothes for his mother and sister. Roy completed his graduation from Bosse High School in Indiana in 1950.He also attended a single semester at university of Indiana. Roy Halston relocated to Chicago in the year 1952 he got enrolled in a night time course at the Art institute of Chicago and labored as a window dresser.

His initial breakthrough moment was the popularity of his trendy hats was reached to Chicago Daily News and they published a short story on it. It was in 1957, when he opened his first shop named the Boulevard Salon on the prime location of North Michigan Avenue.

Roy later on moved to New York City in 1957. He started working for Milliner Lilly Dache. He proved his talent within a year and became acquainted with a number of fashion editors and publishers. He joined the department store of Bergdorf Goodman in their customer milliner salon.

Roy Halston introduced his women’s wear label in 1968 in order to keep up his associations with socialites and celebrities. His label is distinguished for its luxurious but simple, contemporary designs including durable cashmere evening dresses, ultra suede wrap coats, and simple jersey sarongs. He also launched his menswear and perfume collection in 1975. His label was branded for topmost clients including famous celebrities such as Lauren Bacall, Liza Minnelli and Liz Taylor. He was termed as the best designer in America in 1972. Roy Halston has also a significant name in uniform design. Roy signed a contract with a Braniff International Airways to design unique and stylish uniforms for their flight attendants by giving them a new versatile look with a distinct H logo as their symbol. He also designed well matched shades of tan and taupe for the seat covers by using brown Argentinean leather. Roy also designed Uniforms for Pan American US Olympic team in the year 1976 as well as prepared Girl Scout Uniform for New York Police Department.

He introduced a simple shirtwaist dress made from Ultra suede fabric that was washable, durable and beautiful. He presented his most iconic design named the halter dress in 1974. This design trend became immediately popular in nightclubs providing women a slender and extended outline. His branded sunglasses are worn both day and night as the symbol for stylish look.

Roy was known as the first designer to completely authorize his brand for restyling the trade of fashion. He created designs that were easily accessible to women at a range of income. He is well recognized as a founder of uniform design. He was a creative man who completely changed the entire feel of staff uniform style of Braniff International Airways.

Roy achieved overnight nationwide attention and popularity at a moment he designed a pillbox hat for the first lady Kennedy to wear on for her husband inaugural ceremony. By gaining this appreciation and hall of fame he increased his clothing line for both couture and ready to wear collections. He always kept friendly relations with elite society women and famous Hollywood stars such as Babe Paley, Liza Minneli including Doris Duke and Raquel Welch. His retail stores sales were drastically increased in five years since 1968 to 1973 with approximately 30 Million Dollars. He further expanded his label by adding more collections such as menswear, luggage, bedding as well as fragrances and lingerie.

He introduced a culture of nightlife, disco and celebrities and restructured a modern American fashion industry of 20th century.

Halston Company has created a set of 15 fragrance collection after a sad demise of Roy Halston due to Aids on 26th March 1990.

The first fragrance was designed named as Unbound for Women. Some other famous perfumes are named as Halston classic, Halston Couture and Halston men.

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