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A Woman is a symbol of elegance and beauty. Every woman wants to feel and look stylish and appealing. Guerlain is a feminine brand which fulfills all demands of women to enjoy a modern luxurious lifestyle.

Guerlain is a brand synonymous with luxury, chic and sophistication. It is a term denotes excellence and reputation in the field of aroma and delicacy.

Guerlain is distinctive name in French perfumery which is the oldest fragrance and cosmetics house in the world was introduced by three perfumers together named as Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain, Aime Guerlain, Jacques Guerlain and Jean-Paul Guerlain in the year 1828.

This brand house was initially founded by Pierre Francois Pascal Guerlain as a small perfume shop at a location of 42 Rue De Rivoli in Paris. He developed customized fragrances with the assistance of his Two Sons named Aime and Gabriel Guerlain. This brand continued its acceptance and sensation with the support of elite class people. Guerlian made his second success by opening another store at 15, Rue De La Paix in 1840.It gradually started to get known on the Parisian fashion scene.The fame of this brand grew at the highest peak when they created exclusive fragrance named Eau De Cologne Imperiale for famous French emperor Napolean 3 and his beautiful spouse Empress Eugene in 1853.Pierre Francois also achieved the esteemed title of executive royal perfume designer. This extreme success made his way to create more perfumes for Queen Victoria and Queen Isabella of Spain with earning high prestige and reputation.

In 1864, this house was handed over to his sons Aimé Guerlain and Gabriel Guerlain. They both brothers divided their roles and responsibilities of perfumery and management between them. Gabriel held the position of the manager and further expanded the house and the other one became the master perfumer. This House of Guerlain therefore initiated a long traditional journey of perfumery by keep inheriting the control throughout the entire family.

The second generation has created many classic compositions which including Fleur d'Italie, Rococo and Eau de Cologne du Coq. Hence, Jicky can be defined as a first fragrance to use synthetic ingredients alongside natural extracts.

The Design house was again inherited to Jacques Guerlain and Pierre Guerlain. Jacques Guerlian achieved the family position third master perfumer; he developed numerous prominent fragrances which held in high esteem in the modern perfume industry. Many of his popular perfumes are still sold and promoted today. His popular formations are Mouchoir de Monsieur, Après L'Ondée including L Heure Bleue, Vol de Nuit and perfume Ode.

Jean-Paul Guerlain held the very last position as a family master perfumer. He created classic fragrances for men involving Vetiver and Habit Rouge.Jean also produced perfumes like Chant d'Arômes , Chamade, Nahema including Jardins de Bagatelle and Samsara. He left his position in 2002, but sustained his service as an advisor.

Guerlain have provided the great influence by its trends of perfumery with renowned fragrances including Shalimar and Vetiver as well as Jicky. Guerlain is among the small amount of older houses that are still alive exclusively to manufacture and advertise perfumes.

Today Guerlain has expanded to offer a huge variety of makeup and skincare products range. Its products are accessible across the world within department stores and beauty stores. Guerlain also maintains thirteen international beauty and spa boutiques including five within France and two present in Paris.

This supplier of luxury fragrances including cosmetics and skincare products is consistently redefining its standards of beauty for over 175 years. Since 1828, it has been providing excellence and traditional heritage of being industry status icon for lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, and scientifically based skincare. This fragrance house has created over 700 perfumes, several of which are considered as masterpieces. It has become lasting symbol of style and innovation for women as ladies of today can never imagine their life without the brand of Guerlain.

The House of Guerlain has produced a good collection of different varieties of fragrances and aftershaves for men and women. All fragrances offer a sense of delicacy, attraction and romantic yet charming appeal to compel other pay head turning attention with keen appreciation to women. It defines a true feeling of women with softness, gracefulness and sensual as well as intimate attitude.

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