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Versace is a global fashion brand label famous for its ultra modern, seductive, luxurious and flirty designs for men and women. It has become a signature brand identity by its clothing and other products including fragrances, home decoration, watches and makeup.

Versace brand Store was founded by Gianni Maria Versace who was a man of versatile creations and innovations. This dynamic personality was born on 2nd December 1946 in Reggio di Calabria, Italy. He brought up by seeing her mother sewing clothes for other as a dress maker named Francesa. He had two siblings an older brother named Santo Versace and a younger sister named Donatella Versace.

His mother had a sewing workshop where she used to sew dresses for customers. Versace started his apprenticeship training at very early age from his mother’s workshop. Gianni Versace studied architecture prior moving to Milan to work as a fashion designer at the age of 26.

In 1972, he moved to Milan, where he started freelance designing for the Italian labels including Genny, Callaghan and Complice before launching his own ready-to-wear collections for women in 1978.

Versace manufactured a variety of siren dresses and put his innovation and unique creativity into his designs and fabric patterns such as aluminum mesh, neo-couture and laser technology to blend leather together with rubber.

During his glorious career he was awarded with countless awards, including 4 L'Occhio d'Oros and American Fashion Oscar in 1993. Some of his most artistic creations could be seen in theaters. He was frequently commended for his costume designs for ballets. In 1987, Versace was given with Maschera D'Argento prize. He has also produced stage costumes for such pop performers as Madonna, Tina Turner and John Elton.

The famous designs of Gianni Versace have been put on display in various museums which consist of National Field Museum, City Museum and Royal College of Arts.

He was a capable businessman which was continuously increasing his original line. Versace opened his new brand Atelier Versace for professional models. In the similar year he started another brand named Versus which was an urban clothing style designed for youngsters.

He introduced his classic signature line in the year 1991 with home signature in 1993.There are many informative books written by him about clothing and style such as Men without Ties and The art of being you. His most famous published book is Rock and Royalty.

Gianni Versace was extremely well-known for his seductive and striking fabric designs combining with colorful patterns and leather. He had a huge distinctive choice and variety for men, women and kids clothing with accessories, jewelry, fragrances and household wares. He has almost 130 boutiques worldwide. His renowned collections of brand include Versace Couture, Versace Jeans Couture including Versace Home Collection etc.

He was the first designer to join the themes of fashion and entertainment together. He had drawn his inspiration from urban street life, movies and arts as well as historic design. He was a man of enthusiasm and designed outfits for many different fields like opera and theatre. His sister is succeeding him as fulfilling all his due corporate responsibilities.

Gianni Versace had a vast fellowship with all famous celebrities and royal personalities including Princess Lady Diana. Giorgio Armani and Levi Strauss were his close intimate friends including Antonio D Amico. He had vitality in his creations combining the street touch.

Throughout the entire era of 1980 and 1990 he put his extreme focus on designing and created his fashion kingdom by producing collections that come out of pure sensuality and luxury. His most famous designs included sophisticated bondage gear and baby doll dresses.

Versace always organized his seasonal fashion shows with rocking concerts at his lavishly designed head office in Milan, with supporters and paparazzi keep awaiting the arrival of both his celebrity friends, such as John Elton, Madonna, and his loyal models like Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista who are regarded as supermodels. Versace was attributed for revolving the fashion world into the high-powered, celebrity industry as it remains forever.

Versace is also famous for its collection of sensual and luxurious fragrances designed for both men and women. The collection describes a touch of seduction, intimacy and flirtatious attitude for getting valuable attention and appreciation of others. The whole collection is comprised of black jeans, baby blue jeans, blue jeans, baby rose jeans, crystal noir, blonde, bright crystal, dreamer, Gianne Versace, Gianne Versace Couture, jeans couture man, jeans woman, jeans couture woman, meta jeans man, metal jeans woman, Versace man and Versace Woman.

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