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The Sexiest Fragrance Creator- Michel Germain

Michel Germain is a clothing designer that is probably better known for owning and running a successful fragrance collection. If Michel Germain is known for one thing, it’s his sensual fragrances and clothing. In addition to perfumes and fragrances, you can get a sniff of his sensual scents when you get into the shower. There are shower gels and lotions that you can also purchase from the designer’s web site. His ability to capture the essence of an emotion will always be sought after and admired by the perfume industry.

One of the most special aspects about the perfume is that Germain made it for his wife, Norma. He realized that he was having trouble after he set out to find the perfect fragrance for his wife. Norma stated that she was also having a hard time finding something that she thought smelled sexy. Instead of searching for the right scent, he decided to make his own creation. This would end up being the most significant decisions that he would make in his entire career. Although he had previously made some clothing, there is no comparison when it comes to the success of his perfume collection.

There are multiple fragrances that have been released by Germain since he made his first one for his wife. His perfume, Tattoo, is a little bit edgier than some of his other scents. Another one of his perfumes is called, sexual fresh. It is meant to be a little more youthful and fun than some of his other fragrances. Carlos Benaim is one of the big players in the perfume industry that he was able to work with. They collaborated together in order to create séxūal pour homme. Bloomingdale, the popular high end clothing store, stated that it was a best seller for 4 years. The two names of his most recent line include Sexual Sugar and Sexual Sugar Daddy. The smells and undertones that are used make it a part of the Gourmand category. For people who are unfamiliar with the industry, perfumes in this category often have sweet undertones such as vanilla and candy.

Another product that Michel Germain creates is watches. One of the precious metals that he loves to use in the production of his watches is gold. It is common to see his sexual logo on the inside of his watches in gold lettering. This provides women and men with a flashy time piece that everyone will love. If you want to heat things up in the bedroom, there are also massage oils available. They feature his signature scent than women and men alike find so sensual. If you are into gift giving, there are also gift sets. This provides customers with a great opportunity around the holidays because they are able to purchase an entire set, for a discount price. It would cost more to purchase all of the items individually.

Multiple big named stars have also promoted his popular fragrances. Among the list of super stars that love the scents includes Halle Berry, Kim Cattrall, Scotty Pippen, and much more. It’s not too suprising that sexual is the sizzling hot star’s favorite fragrance from Germain. Kim Cattrall is one of the leading lady’s in the popular television series turned movie, “Sex and the City”. And Scotty Pipen is one of the most celebrated former athletes in the world. The versatility of his clients is indicative of the fact that he has something that everyone will love. Today, he is a loving father of three boys. He is a man that is to be admired for both his business capabilities and passion for being a father/husband.

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