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Alessandro Dell Acqua

Alessandro Dell’Acqua: The Essence of Italy

Alessandro Dell’Acqua is an Italian fashion designer, who studied the art all his life, working his way up from apprentice, to head designer, to founding his own label in 1995. His bold work focusing on emphasizing the shape of the woman who wears his fashion has garnered him a great deal of praise. As with many fashion designers, he’s also created a line of perfumes that match the statement his clothing makes, whether boldly feminine or boldly masculine.

A Talent for Design

A native of Naples, Italy, Alessandro Dell’Acqua was born in 1962. As with many famous Italians, it seems he was born with artistry in his blood. In 1981, he graduated from the Art Institute of Naples, and went on to work with several important design firms and designers, including some work with Gianni Versace.

At first his work was in knits, and he became an apprentice to a famous designer who specialized in knitwear. In a few short years, Alessandro Dell’Acqua was their head designer. Some work in Bologna taught him how to make his knitwear with the exquisite delicacy that is now one of his hallmarks. Those artisans who taught him, eventually came to work for him, creating that wonderful knitwork for his inventive fashions.

By 1995, Alessandro Dell’Acqua was ready to step out on his own, and the label named after him was created. The next year, he put on his own show, which he named “Punk on a Mediterranean Woman.” He only made women’s wear at first, but quickly followed with a line of men’s clothing in 1998, which he first showed in Florence, Italy at the world famous Pitti Palace.

From that point, his fame only grew. He did some designing for the house of Bally, a famous Swiss outfit, which specialized in footwear. When they wanted some new and interesting lines of women’s clothing, they turned to Alessandro Dell’Acqua. They weren’t the only ones – a number of design houses wanted their women’s wear to have the touch of Alessandro Dell’Acqua.

He never neglected his own label throughout all of this, opening stores and showrooms of his own products, eventually opening international stores in the United States and in the United Kingdom. These stores included not only his men’s and women’s lines of clothing, but bags, eyewear, and his own personal line of fragrances.

Alessandro Dell’Acqua Fragrances

As an artist, Alessandro Dell’Acqua is always seeking ways to enhance his work. Fragrances enhance fashion. Scents can appeal to senses that a dress or blouse cannot touch – a good perfume can do a great deal to enhance the inherent femininity of a given clothing design, or masculinity, in the case of menswear.

His first foray into the world of fragrances was the self-titled Alessandro Dell’Acqua, a warm, spicy, and sweet scent for women, released in 2001. This is an exotic floral blend containing notes of rose, hibiscus, and peony, with sandalwood, musk, and incense at its base, making it fresh and fragrant while retaining a hint of sensual mystery.

Next was Alessandro Dell’Acqua Man, which was his male fragrance. It was made to inspire romance while still remaining powerfully masculine. This cologne mixes tart citrus scents of pineapple, grapefruit, mandarin orange, lemon, and orange blossom, among others, with floral notes of Indonesian carnation, bourbon geranium and Indian jasmine to give it a sweet touch. At its base are woody, musky tones to give it a certain masculine weight.

Woman in Rose debuted in 2005. It is softer than the original women’s fragrance, but no less appealing. It has a touch of bergamot and pink pepper on the top to give it a little spark, as well as some mint, but overall, it is more floral, with touches of wood and a hint of musk at the base. It is a floral green fragrance for women who like a little subtlety.

The Alessandro Dell’Acqua Philosophy

Inspired by Italian movie stars, Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s ideal was to use fabric and fragrance to express femininity. His fabrics were specifically chosen to be both luxurious and modern, to be appealing and still accessible to every woman. All the work of his label, for men and for women, is meant to allow freedom of expression.

This ideal expresses that everyone has beauty that can be brought forth. Women can be free, powerful, and beautiful. Men can be elegant, and strong, but still show a playful side. The look and scent of any given person are often the first things to be noticed, and the work of Alessandro Dell’Acqua can help ensure this first impression is a great one.

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