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Britney Spears: Fame and Fragrance

Britney Spears is best known as a pop singer who saw her highest success so far at the turn of the 21st century with a string of hits and some very high-profile endorsements. Despite some difficulties in her personal life, she has managed to remain on the public scene, with millions of records sold. Many popular stars today claim some inspiration from the talent of Britney Spears.

The Rise of a Pop Icon

Music wasn’t Britney Spears’s first entrance into national media. It is well known that she was a Mouseketeer on the New Mickey Mouse Club for some time, at the same time as Justin Timberlake, Christina Aquilera, and Ryan Gosling. After the show ended, she attained fame in a whole new venue, shedding the Mickey Mouse Club persona to create the smash hit albums …Baby One More Time, and Oops!... I Did It Again. These record breaking albums made Britney Spears a household name.

Many credit Spears with the renewed interest in teen pop music in the late 1990s. Her records earned her a Grammy Award, an MTV Lifetime Achievement Award, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, nine Billboard Music Awards, and many other accolades. Even when her career was seemingly at a low point, she was still one of the highest selling female artists of the 21st century, if not of all time. When Forbes named the highest paid female musicians in 2012, Britney Spears was once more at the top of the list.

Bestselling Fragrances

Britney’s fragrances are just as popular as her music. Normally when a celebrity endorses a product, they have little to do with it, but a fragrance is something different. It is supposed to have something of the celebrity’s spirit about it, if nothing else. For her own fragrances, Britney went with Elizabeth Arden, and like her early albums, her debut fragrance was a record breaker. She still has the best-selling celebrity fragrance line available. More than a third of all celebrity fragrance sales can be contributed to a Britney Spears perfume.

That first wildly popular fragrance, Curious, is both fruity and floral, a bright and lively scent for young people with that spark of life only young people seem to have. It was made for a strong-minded woman who still years for romance, one who knows how to have fun and is not afraid to take chances. Lotus, magnolia, and pear are its opening notes, with a floral heart of cyclamen, jasmine, and tuberose. It is based on woody tones, with some vanilla and musk.

The second Britney Spears perfume, released in 2005, is called Fantasy, the first of a series. It is billed as a love potion and comes in an attractive little bottle, decorated in Swarovski crystals. There is a sensuous feeling to this rich scent, which opens with quince, kiwi, and litchi. An intriguing mix of jasmine and white chocolate lies at its heart, while the base is composed of musk, woodsy scents, and orris root.

The latest in the Fantasy line is Island Fantasy, launched in April of 2013. Like its predecessors, it is sweet, but has a personality all its own, following Midnight Fantasy, Hidden Fantasy, and Circus Fantasy. This is floral and fruity, composed with opening notes of mandarin, red berries, Clementine, watermelon, and citrus. It has a flowery heart, with sugar cane and musk at its base, combining the sweet and the sensual with a tropical touch.

Moving Forward

Composing both music and fragrances, Britney Spears continues to move on, and past the personal issues that threatened to dim the light of her career. Her eighth album is due to come out in late 2013, with the legendary as executive producer. She still records music for movies, and was a judge on Simon Cowell’s X-Factor.

Britney Spears exploded onto the scene as the newest, and perhaps greatest, teen pop star, but she’s grown up since then. Her music has inspired a whole new wave of artists, like Katy Perry and Demi Lovato. Beyonce has called herself a fan, as has Adele. In fact, the British soul singer once claimed to have pretended to be sick so she could cancel a show – and attend a Britney Spears concert.

No matter where her career goes in the future, Britney Spears’s legacy is secure. Very few others can claim to have made so big an impact in the music world is so relatively short a time.

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