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GUESS is a fashion icon of today as it offers luxurious and stylish yet bold appealing clothing for men and women. It is very popular brand among young generation as it provides casual outfits for leisure and fun. It has a huge variety of clothing and other fashion accessories such as jewelry, fragrances and watches. It has also included a new clothing line brand named as Marciano.

This journey of success and fame began 30 years ago in 1982 when two brothers named Paul Marciano and Maurice Marciano started their family clothing business by the name of Guess. Maurice is the elder brother and currently holds a position of chairman and board of director of the company. He has worthwhile abilities and ideas to drive the company forward.

Due to his core dedication and commitment to fulfill the American dream the brand has achieved global recognition and expanded the operations to different countries. Maurice is endeavoring his best to take the brand to new heights and bringing together talented and creative people to think differently and create unique brand style needed in 21st century fashion industry.

Paul Marciano is the younger Marciano brother and presently holds a CEO Position in the Guess USA Brand Company. He is a man of versatility and creative mind who has enormous ideas for boosting the brand’s image and reputation worldwide. He has considered the master of fashion advertising to describe his product by the appealing theme compelling people to get it. Due to his vision and distinctive style the Guess Advertising has achieved highest fashion awards such as Clio and Designers Art Director title award. He is an amazing fashion photographer and has unique eye for impressive photography that invites viewers for making the campaign successful. He has played a lead role in business and brand expansion to over 80 countries of the world.

They had moved from Southern France to USA in order to fulfill their American dream. They were highly influenced by European Style. The Marciano Bros put their distinct and innovative feel on the American apparel industry by redefining denim. They manufactured their first designed jeans which were stonewashed, slim fitted and the new trend of 3 zipper style. The famous departmental store Bloomingdale ordered 2 dozens of jeans for their stores. It was their initial success as all jeans were sold out in mere 2 hours leaving the shelves empty.

The collective vision of both Marciano Brothers carried the brand to new boundaries. Their Family brand Guess gradually became the symbol of youthful, luxurious and fun filled lifestyle. During its three decades of reputation and accomplishment it has tempted and lured people to dream and fascinate about stylish living by its appealing ads campaigns. It has also transformed anonymous people into famous models and celebrities. Some of the renowned faces are Anna Smith, Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer. Presently, Guess USA is considered as a Global Lifestyle brand providing a huge range of clothing, apparels and fashion accessories. It has almost 1210 brand stores in 80 countries of the world.

Guess has introduced wonderful clothing outfits for kids by the brand label of Guess Kids .It offers all beautiful range of colorful clothing and accessories for young boys and girls. It also opened its exclusive baby clothing line as Guess Babies. The Guess Collection includes all kinds of accessories for men and women. Guess expanded its brand by introducing Marciano an expensive feminine clothing line and accessories. Later the Marciano men clothing collection was also came in the market in the year 2006. Guess Home is also a wider expansion of home products such as bedding collection, pillowcase and towel collection.

The new line of signature watches collection was introduced by the brand label of Guess Watch. It includes all luxury accessories of watches. Guess also expanded its accessories department all over the USA and globally with several retail outlets throughout the world.

Guess initiated its fragrance line collection in the year 2005.The company introduced its first pair of fragrances by the name of Guess for women and Guess for men. The company further increased its perfume line by adding new perfumes Guess Gold and Guess Suede for men and women respectively.

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