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Rochas is a renowned fashion, beauty and perfume house founded by famous French designer named as Marcel Rochas in 1925. He was born in 1902 and died in 1955 he was the first designer to design two third lengths of coats and skirts with pockets. This brand company is presently owned by the global Company named as P & G.

This perfume house had been recognized mainly for its signature perfume named as Femme. It was a feminine scent packaged in a pink box with black lace. The company found recent recognition for its fashion design when it chosen fashion designer named as Olivier Theyskens as its creative director in 2002.

He created an entirely new outline for the house that was elegant and highly influenced by French designers. He designed his first bursting collection for fall 2003 which was appreciated and commended by customers as ravishing and magnificent. He persistently acquired huge applause and recognition among fashion critics and attracted many loyal followers.

His valued clients included numerous celebrities and distinguished personalities such as Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston including as Kirsten Dunst as well as Bosworth, Jennifer, Rachel Weisz and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The FDCA (Fashion Design Council of America) honored him an International Award in 2006 of best international designer. His gowns were priced upwards and became unaffordable and reachable for all. Its outfits were mostly limited to rich and wealthy customers. He took a purer approach to fashion and did not rely on accessory sales and cheaper sister lines for a steady stream of revenue.

Procter & Gamble once announced the shocking News of many Shutting down. The perfect, bespoke and unique dress design business was ended creating a loss in fashion market Again some rumors were heard in 2008 about re opening of this esteemed fashion house.

Marco Zanini was hired as a new artistic director for the company. He showed his first collection during Paris Fashion Week in February 2009.

Marcel Rochas was born in born in Paris in 1902. He founded the fashion house in 1925 at the young age of 22. The reason for opening his fashion house was to afford beautiful and attractive clothes for his loving and gorgeous spouse.

He quit his career in Legislation in order to pursue his interest in fashion which made him renowned in the industry later on.

He was highly impressed by the famous fashion designers of that era such as Paul Poiret and Jean Cocteau. These personalities encouraged and supported him a lot and provided a core aim of designing creative clothes for customers. Marcel was a strong, significant designer with a global repute. His customers are very selected and elite such as Carole Lombard, Marlène Dietrich and Mae West. He also created a black wasp-waisted corset of Chantilly. Rochas started to create black and white dresses with appeal and satire for women. His introduced a wonderful strong shoulder line dress collection for ladies. Rochas often worked with floral stuff. He was considered as one of the first designers to design pockets in skirts. Rochas was also specialized in separates and accessories. He did in 1955 after his demise his wife named as Helen took over the responsibilities and proved to have the better business performance. She used to work for ten hour in a day and introduced her numerous hit scents like Madame Rochas and Moustache for men.

The Rochas house identity is established as a ladylike with a cool-girl edge in 2006. Procter & Gamble its parent company better which is well known for its brands like Tide and Charmin. Olivier Theysken was introduced in the fashion house with extraordinary talent and creative abilities. He had just won the FCDA International award for his exclusive and premier designs. He took the brand house to new heights and launched many successful products.

Rochas is all about playing with this kind of femininity rather than obvious sensuality and ordinary glamour.

The company also introduced their fragrances collection for men and women. These perfumes provide a sense of joy and satisfaction for the wearer as well as people around him or her. Some famous perfumes are Femme Rochas, Eau Sensuelle as well as Eau de Rochas.

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