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Quicksilver Inc is an Australian based Company branched in California. It is one of the largest and leading manufacturers of surf wear and other board sport-related equipments. This business also creates a unique collection of apparels for young women by the brand name of Roxy. Quicksilver has another line of apparel for women under the brand Quicksilver Women.

This company has a wonderful heritage and traditions of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding and its beach oriented swimwear brands including as Raisins, Radio Fiji and Leilani. It also carries a line of high-end apparel and accessories under its Quicksilver Edition brand.

The company recently launched its charity and aid program named as The Quicksilver Foundation which works to provide environmental, educational, health and youth-related projects to board riding communities around the world.

The company now also offers snow and surf travel packages to exotic locations such as El Nicaragua as well as Salvador Peru and Costa Rica.

Quiksilver is currently operating in 834 individual stores in key cities across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. The company also has operations in Europe, South America, as well as Asia, and Africa. Quik Silver Operates in two different categories such as Board riders Club and Factory Stores. Their products and merchandizes are sold out in various different outlets across the world. This organization operates a number of separate Roxy and Quiksilver Youth stores.

Quiksilver also sponsors around 500 recreational and specialized surfers, snowboarders, skiers, and skateboarders. The most prominent names are Kelly Slater, Travis Rice, and Tony Hawk. They also organized the Pro surfing tournament for men and Roxy Pro Gold Coast tournament for women in different countries like Australia, France and NewYork.

Quiksilver proudly launched its sister brand for young women in 1990 named as Roxy. The brand is aimed for those who enjoy coastal and mountain-based sports and lifestyles. This feminine swimwear brand has grown to be the largest sport fashion apparel company for young women. It now also manufactures accessories, home wares, hard wetsuits, footwear, books, and perfumes. It also has kid’s brands by the names of Roxy girl and Teenje Wahine.

It provides inspiration to girls to fulfill bigger dreams and have fun in and out of water. It represents women and girls who dream big and follow their heart and believes in being beautiful, fun and alive, daring and confident. It stays true to its surf and board riding roots through its surf and snowboarding team by representing some of the world’s best and highest ranking athletes.

The Roxy girl is a stylish and feminine brand allowing a woman to lead her daring and adventurous life. This brand strives to be the most inspiring fashion and performance brand on and off the water.

This brand mission is all about offering the latest clothing trends to customer and it’s about providing their customers with the right tools to conquer the challenges.

This brand has established its firm roots in the field of music, art and lifestyle of the beach and surfing community. The famous athletes such as Tony Hawk and, Kelly Slater are real heroes whose accomplishments and input inspire this brand’s commitment to create the best in their footwear, watches, eyewear, apparel, wetsuits and backpacks as well as gear bags and luggage.

The brand collection of famous masculine and feminine clothing lines take you back of those sunny summer days on the beach, enjoying the surfing while hanging out friends. The complete collection of products include women's dresses, knits, woven tops and denim as well as men's shirts, board shorts and sandals are also available in a comfortable design.. It represents a competitive lifestyle and creates clothing and footwear for appealing men and women.

Quiksilver symbolizes the board riding culture and their backpacks as well as luggage and messenger gear signifies the expression for expanding our individual style. The brand logo embodies the mountainous spirit that is all about a lifestyle with true feelings and a passionate journey.

Its apparel and footwear brands represent a casual lifestyle for young people that connect them with its board riding culture and heritage, while its winter sports and golf brands symbolize an ancient commitment to technological expertise and competitive success on the mountains and on the links.

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