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PUPA (Beauty and Feminine Style):

Pupa is a popular Italian beauty and cosmetics brand company which is providing innovation and variety of designs in skin care products. It offers a touch of style and glamour to every woman. It offers an enhanced beauty treatment for women with reliable products and services by making a trustworthy relationship to customers.

Pupa was established by Angelo Gatti in the year 1974 in Milan, Italy. It has been providing quality and unmatched services to its valued clients since 30 years. Milan is always considered as a city of fashion and design.

Angelo conceived the idea of bringing together all colors, makeup and fashion. He designed a complete make kit in order to cover everything. Pupa rapidly became a leader in the Italian cosmetic industry. Its Make-up kits became its distinctive signature all over the globe.

Since its inception, the company has a core focus of offering superior quality products with unique color and design combinations. Its main purpose is to increase the passion and vitality in women to feel them look good. It is a renowned brand label to provide fashion able make-up, treatment products for face and body as well as bath and after bath products, fragrances and creative beauty kits. The brands are designed for women who are confident and beautiful. She is a matured woman and her brand is now ready to satisfy all her beauty needs:

Pupa offers the following services to its valued clients:

  • Make-up
  • Cosmetic Treatments for Face and Body
  • Fragrances
  • Bath and after bath lines of products
  • Make-up kits

This brand company has progressed into a colorful, playful yet imaginative. It has fabulous collection of makeup sets, sun screens, body care products and fragrances.

Pupa has designed the most adorable and eye catching makeup sets for women. The sets are available in Pyramid, the moon and the sun shapes and also presented in red heart and red flower small boxes.

The company also offers mini zoo sets, eye shadows and gloss in a small bottle that can be easily carried in a purse for any casual and official occasion. The previous versions also used to offer small sets in shapes of little angel and red devil along with lip luster and eye shadow.

Pupa Collection includes all essential beauty equipments such as foundation, lip shine, lipstick, mascara and eye shadows come in luxurious and comfortable packaging. Moreover, eye shadows are available in different colors for instance powdery eye shadows and Lace duo with satin and crystal effects.

It also offers his exclusive eye shadow collection by the name of Luminys which is accessible in both dry and wet. A dry eye shadow will give a shining effect whereas; the wet will leave more concentrated outline.

Pupa also offers cute body care collections for women with a softer and gentle touch by products such as Miss Milkie and Beautie Farm. Miss Milkie collection contains lovely fragrances, body lotions and fragrant waters. Beautie Farm collection is comprised of honey extracts including creamy baths, shower gels as well as after bath creams and body balsams.

These products are made up of perfect combination of orange and honey with jasmine and vanilla. The company also offers shampoos and lotions for kids.

Pupa has been offering their aromatic perfumes since many years with providing a sense of comfort and joy for the wearer. These fragrances have derived from lotus flowers, Tulips and Pup Art flowers. Its famous fragrances are Puposhka and Yes Gold.

Puposhka is a fruity floral fragrance comprised of juicy notes such as orange, litchi, grapefruit, sandalwood, lemon and chocolate including black currant, amber, mandarin and musk. It provides a sense of comfort and recharged the mind and body for the whole day to be proactive and energized.

Yes Gold is a lovely fruity perfume contains a touch of lemon, Sicilian orange, Indian jasmine and Patchouli. It is an ideal fragrance to beat the heat in the afternoon and makes the wearer feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It has a long lasting aroma stays for hours.

PUPA exposes the top secret of make-up artists by combining perfectly matched color palettes with easy to follow make-up tips and tricks for an ultra-glamorous and spotless look.

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