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Porsche Design is a group of brand companies situated in Germany. It was founded in November 2003 by combining both Porsche AG and Porsche Design Group into one single company. This company focuses on the activities of the Porsche Design Studio which works also for other companies in the field of industrial and product design.

The Porsche Design Studio was established in Stuttgart, Germany in 1972 by renowned designer Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. This brand organization rapidly became popular and recognized as the leading symbol of the sports car designed by Prof F.A. Porsche, a design classic.

Porsche has been manufacturing car-related accessories since the memorable era of 1950.The accessories include luggage, T-shirts, calendars, purses as well as model cars and buttons. In the five decades various classic men’s accessories such as watches, eyeglasses and writing tools were produced and sold globally.

Similarly, a number of industrial products including household appliances and consumer goods were also designed by this brand for worldwide clients.

Porsche Design created a sensation and became an iconic symbol representing technology, comfort and luxury for consumers. It purely focuses on design aesthetic and functionality. The design work is distinguished by clarity and functions harmonize with premium leadership that combines traditional expertise with state-of-the-art technology. Its Product Portfolio comprises of gents accessories and luxury collection such as watches, clothing, perfumes and many more. All products are designed in Porsche Design Studio located in Austria. The products are sold and marketed to their own stores and exclusive retail outlets spread across many countries. It also includes an exclusive range of elegantly designed watches, leather products including eyewear and smoking accessories.

Porsche introduced for the very first in 1972 his precious and valuable watches collection in the market. These signature watches captured the market and increased the retail sales. It also launched its glittering gold or silver jewelry collection for women. The brand revolutionalized the auto industry by designing its own brand car named as Porsche 911. It is a dynamic car completely equipped with all modern technologies containing speed, comfort and appreciable design.

Porsche Design presented its brand spectacles as P'8478 in 1978.It is one of the most worn sunglasses in the world. Porsche also partnered with Research in Motion to create the BlackBerry smart phone featuring a stainless steel and leather design.

Porsche finally acquired the name Porsche Selection which was transformed to Porsche Design Driver's Selection in 2004. Porsche Design celebrated its 40 Years in the year 2012 and opened several concept stores all around the world.

The name Porsche identifies the well-known German automotive company specializing in luxury Vehicles.The Company is well-known in cars industry, particularly for sports car. The brand started offering various other finest quality accessories including wrist watches, spectacles and script apparatus.

Some of the core uniqueness of Porsche design is its clarity and functionality of form to cautiously select materials and high-quality workmanship combining traditional craftsmanship with modern-day technology.

Prior to founding the brand, Porsche Selection brand existed and manufactured accessories for sports cars by Porsche involving purses, calendars, T-shirt and buttons. The tie pins and cufflinks are also specially designed in the Porsche Boutique.

The company offers a wide range of products, such as classic accessories, fragrances, luggage, sports and fashion products, mobile phones and home decorations. The house pays special attention to the latest technical innovations.

The brand introduced some appealing and wonderful perfumes for men and women some of the fragrances are as follows:

  • Porsche Design Sport
  • Porsche Titan
  • The Essence
  • The Essence Intense
  • The Essence Summer Ice

Porsche Design involves a distinctive idea of design, precision and performance. The design of this brand enhances its luxurious and innovative shape with a touch of perfection. The Essence describes true impression of energy and intensity with easy and comfortable to handle. It expresses the exclusive yet prestigious and masculine character of men. The perfume has a metallic and icy touch which evokes a polar freshness to the wearer. The scent is made of patchouli and incense containing a warm yet sensual and mysterious combination. The summer ice represents an icy cool touch to the wearer making him proactive and energized. This cologne has long lasting and durable aroma for men.

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