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Pino Silvestre is an Italian brandof pine and amber scented aftershave and Eau de toilette that was introduced in 1955 by Massimo Vidal (Venice). Many companies around Italy are making this combination of pine and amber which always comes in a distinct green pine-cone shaped bottle.

Pino Silvestre is also known as Scots Pine which is an iconic Italian men's fragrance famous for its distinctive pine aroma harmonizing with traditional men's fragrance components including lavender, spices as well as basil and moss, This fragrance is a reasonable and lasting masculine classic.

Pino is initially created by a renowned chemist Lino Vidal. One of the Vidal family members named as Massimo founded MaVive in 1986, and revived the Pino Silvestre brands and fragrances created by previous generations of his family. Pino Silvestre Original has distinguished aroma and it’s capturing the customers over the years.

Pino Silvestre is an old body spray house. This bouquet house has 52 years of expertise in satisfying his customers especially men by providing them quality and unmatched perfumes.

Pino Silvestre is more of a timeless classic than a throwback scent. It's an aromatic fougere and that its smell is light. Pino Silvestre has distinctive and strong yet evergreen and herbal aroma. It simply smells like a pine forest as an ingredient, its sharp green herbal and citrus opening has a deliberately pine-like scent. A piney smell comes from a perfume containing no pine oil speaks dimensions.

The roughness of the opening fritters away after hardly any minutes by changing the smell of the fragrance. The pine needles have an airy, outdoorsy smell like a wind blowing through a pine forest. It's an entirely green, dry and herbal scent which is pleasant in every way.

Pino's combination of good sillage, outstanding longevity and very low price make it one of the best fragrance bargains ever. It also has the coolest (and most appropriate) packaging I've ever seen for a perfume - a green glass bottle shaped like a pine cone.

Green Generation Unisex is sweet-smelling cologne for women and men. This scent was introduced in 1998. This fragrance is made of ingredients such as pineapple, lavender, juniper, galbanum including artemisia and mint.

Pino Blue by Pino Silvestre is a lovely floral perfume for men. This scent is made of top notes consisting of bergamot and lemon with lily of the valley and honeysuckle including patchouli, cedar, amber and musk.

Pino Fifty by Pino Silvestre is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men. The perfume is comprised of bergamot, mandarin orange with sage, coriander and nutmeg. The foundation elements are musk, benzoin and patchouli.

Pino Silvestre Extreme by Pino Silvestre is a scented Fougere fragrance for men. This enchanting and appealing scent was launched in 1998. This attractive perfume is consisting of coriander, pepper, lime, tangerine and cardamom.

This perfume has yet a touch of seduction containing its refreshing and clear notes along with its authentic design.

It brings a romantic freshness and attractiveness of bergamot, basil including lavender and juniper berries. It also involves some spicy notes of carnation, nutmeg, geranium, thyme and fir tree. Its foundation is comprised of harmony of amber, cedar, musk, Tonka beans and moss.

Pino Silvestre Sport Cologne is sportive and energetic cologne designed for sweat shedders with extreme passion of victory. This fragrance was launched in the year 2008 created for the younger generations. The fragrance maintains some original features but it has some added citrusy character.

This sporty cologne is manufactured by using these wonderful ingredients for instance tangerine, ginger including petit grain with orange blossom, carnation as well as magnolia and jasmine. Some more notes are involved in the creation of this tantalizing scent like musk and tolu balsam, white amber and vetiver.

Pino Silvestre is a highly reputed name in the perfumery world. It is a collection of fragrances and toilet accessories. This brand revolutionized the market in the era of 1970 and has now become a unique trend setter. It is a historical Italian brand, treasured globally for its exceptional image and its capacity to convey the true essence of Nature.

This eastern formula perfume is a successful symbol for men since many years with its spicy and sharp after shaving colognes and masculine fragrances.

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