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Lolita Lempicka

Lolita Lempicka- a Fabulous, French Designer

Lolita Lempicka was born in 1954 in France. She is a fabulous French designer that has created successful perfume collections. When Lolita was only 6 years old, she played with her Barbie dolls and dreamed of making it in the fashion industry. The young girl was also inspired by her mother who was a successful seamstress, and her grandmother who was a famous artist. A fun fact that you might not know about this fantastic fashion designer is that she is the granddaughter of the Countess of Poland. During the Art Deco period, the Countess was a famous artist that definitely impressed. One of her biggest fans is super star, Madonna.

The designer reached a mile stone in 1984 when she became an independent designer and launched her own collection. Some of the words that describe her collection include modern, whimsical and feminine. In addition to clothing, Lolita loved to design wedding dresses. The inspirations that she took from fairy tales can be seen in her princess style wedding dresses. The designer is known for combining fashion features and accessories from the present and the past. For example, she loves using pearl and lace accents that can be seen on ladies from the 1940’s. Some of the big names include Anouk Grinberg and Vanessa Paradis. The 1980’s was also an important time in Lolita’s career because she started to have runway shows across the world. She started in Tokyo, Japan and then continued to have runway shows internationally.

Lolita also made a clothing collection for younger women which are called, “Lolita Blis”. This line of clothing is indicative of her fun and playful style. In 1996, Lolita continued to expand her empire when she launched her first fragrance. This was one of her best career moves and her perfume sales were extremely big. One of the sweetest things about the scent was that the bottle was in the shape of an apple. The simple, yet cute packaging won the designer the DCI’s Package of the Year Award. This was a huge accomplishment for Lolita and pushed her to design packaging for products in additional industries. She is credited to having one of the most successful fragrances that have lasted over ten years. Some of the other perfumes that she created include “Lolita Lempicka au Masculin”, “L”, and “Si Lolita”. Critics claim that the fragrances have a youthful feel to them, and it makes sense that Elle Fanning was chosen as the face for the fragrance. She stared in a successful campaign for the fragrance collection.

Lempicka is a designer that is always pushing the envelope in the fashion industry. One of the things that she did in order to enhance her runway shows was play the perfect music. The designer even met up with a popular Parisian producer in order to get his input on what music she should play at her shows. Another unique thing that Lolita did was invite super stars and actresses to model in her runway shows. Some of the popular faces that have been seen on her runway include Diane Kruger, Emmanuelle Seigner, Laetitia Casta, and more. Diane Kruger is a German actress that is probably best known for the character that she played in, “Troy” and “National Treasure”. Emmanuelle Seigner is a French actress that is most famous for the character that she played in, “The Diving Bell and Butterfly”. Having these big stars strut their stuff at her runway shows has given the designer a lot of publicity and recognition.

Some of the other fields that the French designer has gone into include jewelry, eye wear, cars, cellular phones and more. She worked with the cell phone manufacturer, Samsung. Lolita designed a cell phone design and accessories for the company. The Lolita Lempicka- S5560 has a pretty purple back ground and ivy leaf accessories. This feminine and cute style is somewhat similar to her popular apple perfume bottle design.

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