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Jette Joop is a German Entrepreneur who designs women’s clothing, homes, industries, flat tableware, dining accessories maker, wall and gloss paint maker all blended in one person.

Jette Joop was born in Braunschweig, Germany and went on to get her education at different countries of the world. She got her graduation by getting International Baccalaureate Diploma from Oxford, England. She got admission in California Art Center College of Design in the U.S.A. wherefrom she got her Bachelor of Science degree. She later went on to work with Barry Kiesenstein-Kord and Ralph Luren’s Polo brand in New York learning the tricks of trade.

In 1997, Jette Joop set up her own company headquartering in Hamburg and naming it JOOP GMBH especially dealing with lifestyle and designing. A branch was opened in Berlin also. Under JOOP auspices she designed and produced jewelry items, timepieces, fashion items, fragrances, shoes, leather items, eyeglasses. She also developed kid’s collection under her banner ‘Jette by Staccato’.

Under her banner she brought out her gold jewelry collection in the year 2000 and following its success introduced her silver collection of jewelry soon after. She ventured into women clothing in 2003 by producing clothes which were casual and trendy yet affordable. This set a trend, a style that was her own and original. She wanted her customers to wear fashionable clothes, look beautiful and happy and still not overburdened with its cost.

She led her company to move into the world of home designing as well as industrial designing by partnering with a German building firm namely Viebrockhaus AG and created designs for a set of houses.

In coordination with German firm WMF she designed table-wares, cutleries and other table accessories. She brought out her own brand of children accessories, such as strollers, beddings. She brought modernity by venturing into the production of wall paints, wall papers, wall-gloss, kitchens, furniture items and even simple notebooks. All the designing and production have been done under her supervision with a vision to bring luxury to the masses.

She came up with a collection of watches in 2010, another milestone in her creativity.

Jette Joop has earned many awards over the years. She is so creative that she was awarded by Fragrance Star Award in 2008 for the very first perfume she produced by the name JOOP. She was acclaimed for her outstanding work as an Ambassador for Children for Red Cross in Germany by The Club Wonderland issuing her Golden Pea award. She was also awarded as the International Company of the Girl Power in the Leading Ladies Category.

Coming to her perfumes, she is definitely very imaginative as she created waves in the perfume world where many heavy weights were solidly established and yet she took away right from under their noses, the Fragrance Star Award with her very first perfume ‘JETTE’. This is a very well balanced feminine floral fragrance emanating a superbly clean, fresh fragrance to keep women happy and elated throughout the time with its delicate and elegant notes. Oliver Cresp of Firmenich was the creator behind this fragrance.

Year 2006 saw Jette bring out her perfume By Night Jette, another in the Jette line created by Michel Almirac. This is oriental vanilla fragrance for women, comprised of notes from jasmine, rose, vanilla, sandalwood, cedar, musk and amber enveloping the woman in its sweet and powdery smell giving an exciting seductive feeling.

Jette Heartbeat was introduced in 2008 for women as flowery and woody scent elating her feelings to new heights of satisfaction producing a sweet and flowery atmosphere around.

Her oriental flowery perfume Dark Sapphire was pronounced dream perfume and contained notes from mandarin, star anise, rose, heliotrope, amber, musk and sandalwood giving out an elegant, tasteful smell to keep you happy and glowing.

She gave out two new perfumes in 2012 by the names Jette Gold and Jette Eau de Parfume. Jette Eau de Perfume is an improved version of Jette Joop of 2005 giving a richer feeling whereas Jette Gold which was designed for enhancing private moments’ pleasures in a woman.

In the year 2013 another fragrance Jette Happy love was offered by her created specifically for Douglas. As the name suggests this scent aims at evoking amorous feeling with softly blended flowery notes with green tea, raspberry, blackberry and fragrant woods.

The above is a story of creative entrepreneurship of an elegant lady who learned the basics of business in colleges, worked with a couple of reputable companies for experience and then ventured into many projects one by one excelling in everything and bringing out joy and happiness to people of the world.

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