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Iceberg is the leading fashion house for providing chic and cool fashion clothing for men and women including children. It has a significant range of clothing line for all age groups most specifically for younger generations.

Iceberg offers innovation and style as well as comfort and luxury for customers. This finest clothing brand was introduced by famous fashion designers named as Silvano Gerani and Giulana Marchini in the year 1974. It designs and manufactures female and male outfits including ready to wear clothing, accessories, fragrances and children wear. This brand store has expanded its stylish outlets and boutiques all over the world such as Moscow and Europe.

This fashion brand has initiated its business as knitted garments and as its popularity grew among customers it increased its line into sportswear, jeans and leather wear. Many famous Hollywood celebrities have also worn and supported this brand such as Paris Hilton, Pam Anderson and Mischa Barton. This brand collection was also displayed at the cat walk show in Spain.

It was established in 1962, by Renowned Fashion Designer Giuliana Marchini with her husband Silvano Gerani. They both had a zeal and dedication to create products with Made in Italy Label on it. They started with a collection of men's wear and steadily increased their clothing line by manufacturing small knitwear and women's wear.

Iceberg is a popular brand that initiated the design of fashionable sportswear. The brand achieved a huge success for introducing stylish yet comfortable and innovative fashion collections. Iceberg has now expanded over the years by having a diverse range of products such as outfits, eyewear, perfume and wrist watches.

The brand is also successful for its feminine labeled fitted jeans with new stylish line for kids named as Iceiceiceberg signature label. They also introduced Iceberg sunglasses, Fluid Perfume and Bunny boys’ jeans jacket. It has also some other brands in the market such as Ice Jeans, block 60 and Iceberg History. It has huge variety of stores and boutiques as well as art and furnishings galleries.

Iceberg has marked a huge transformation of sportswear and knit wear clothing by introducing a collection of pullovers in which were designed in association famous designer Jean Charles. This brand is considered as the pioneer of Italian ready to wear collections. Iceberg has a vast range of accessories ranging from shoes, children wear and home wear including exclusive mineral waters. Many popular models and celebrities have become international brand ambassadors such as Carla Fracci, Franco Moschino and Sofia Coppola as well as Andy Warhol. Famous Photographer Olivero Toscani created excellent advertising strategies for this valuable brand to flourish more in terms of clothing and all other stylish accessories.

He successfully ran the ad campaign for 6 glorious years. Latest in the year 2000 the growing model Li Klim did a wonderful pose and appearance for this particular brand. Gilmar Group the Original Company expanded its production space in 1985 by purchasing a new plant location in San Giovanni Marigano. This new plant had spacious sewing and cutting rooms, Well Decorated n Stylish Offices and Store Houses. It had an excellent structural design with a comfortable and cozy workplace. In the meantime his descendants Paolo and Patrizia joined the company and increased the recruitment rate with up to 500 Employees.

In the year 1995, Paolo took a huge initiative of arranging the collection show on then runway in Milan. He is now holds the CEO Level Position at Gilmar Group and endeavoring to make it more valuable and recognized brand in fashion and style industry worldwide by introducing latest contemporary trends for customers.

The Iceberg women’s collection was presented on the runway in 1995. This brand has gained a reputation in the hip-hop and pop music with quality and finest variety in men, women and children clothing including eyeglasses as well as watches and perfumes.

Iceberg launched its first fragrance named as Iceberg in 1989. The company introduced its men perfume two years later in 1991.

Iceberg has produced 25 collections of perfumes some famous perfumes are as follows:

  • Ice Berg
  • Universe
  • Twice
  • Fluid Man
  • Burning Ice
  • Fluid Woman

All these above fragrances provide intensive attraction, sensuality and seduction with a touch of comfort and long-lasting odor for customers.

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