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Some people devote their whole life for their passion and keen interest. Those personalities become a constant source of inspiration and enthusiasm for all next generations to come. Germaine Monteil is a woman of substance with a broad vision and innovative ideas in fashion and cosmetology industry.

Germaine Monteil was born in France in 1898.Her story of success started when she moved to New York in the year 1930.She had amazing talent and interest in fashion design as well as cosmetics.

She initially made herself recognize as a creative fashion designer as she designed traditional dresses with flaring skirts and slim silhouettes. She was very famous for using colorful prints that was appealing and attention grabbing to every woman. Monteil achieved a Neiman Marcus Fashion Award which was the clear recognition of her talent, influence and creativity in the fashion design industry.

In the year 1936, Germaine along with her husband named Guy Bjorkman founded a cosmetics line company named Germaine Monteil Cosmetiques Corporation. This company is well Specialized in skin treatments and creams and successfully cured all skin pigmentation issues in women and young girls.

Her creams were well known for softer, clear and fair glowing skin for women. She was a specialist in make up and cosmetics industry. She has given excellent facial appearance with good finishing touch to every modern and innocent look.

Germaine Monteil was herself a woman who knew how to care about skin as she was very focused on skin care that she employed highly experienced and qualified skin specialists and researchers to develop a skin care program based on scientific techniques.

Her first cosmetic product line started with a lipstick manufactured by the brand name of Monteil. Her cosmetics brand turned out to be exceptionally famous and she became the Grande Dame of the flourishing cosmetics industry in the United States in early era of 1940.The Cosmetics line brand Monteil became prominent by providing excellent quality skin care solution provider in USA. It became the symbol of woman describing her mood and character with a touch of feminism.

Her Cosmetics brand was the sign of everlasting beauty and youth for women with refreshing face and body. She introduced a perfect beauty concept for every woman which defines her entire personality. She developed Monteil Scientific Institute of Cosmetology which had a main focus on developing products and brands which fulfills the requirements of the skin and preserve a woman natural youthful beauty. The institute researched for those skin care products which can detoxify the skin cells from harm caused by direct Ultra Violet (UV) Radiations. It also examined the wrinkle free skin solution which makes you look forever young and refreshing.

The whole team of dermatologists created a distinctive technique of natural skin balance to restore its eternal youthfulness. Her institute concentrates on all skin related issues such as skin redness, fine wrinkle lines, acne and sun damage. It provides all skin care treatments combining with multi vitamin complex and pro vitamin complex to make skin healthier.

Germaine Monteil was a goal oriented woman with extreme indulgence and innovation in her work. She had a charismatic personality defining her sense of elegance and sophistication. She has left behind her tradition of her brand Monteil which is still a symbol of every young woman after a long time of its inception.

She had an art of making skin flawless, young and amazingly beautiful as she is considered an original makeup artist of the present era. She made every woman to realize her beauty and care her skin which lasts perpetually. The renowned cosmetics company Revlon is taking over the Monteil cosmetics to give it a new line and identity.

She also introduced her fragrances collection in 1940 with purely feminine and graceful perfumes designed for women. Her fragrance collection is as follows:

  • Laughter
  • New Love
  • Nostalgia
  • Frou Frou
  • Fluer
  • Savage
  • Gigolo
  • Nouvel Armour
  • Rigolade
  • Galore
  • L’Eau De Monteil
  • Monteil Le Nouveau Parfum
  • Royal Secret
  • Royal Secret for men
  • Royal Secret 2

Germaine Monteil was an extremely dedicated and talented woman who had a clear vision of providing women a healthy skin and beauty tone giving them a charming and eye catching look. Her valuable services for feminine skin care will always be remembered.

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