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GABRIELA SABATINI (An Unforgettable Charming Woman):

It is a proven fact that Dedication and Consistent Endeavors are the key factors leading to behind every success in the world. Everyone can achieve this fame and achievement by his or her keen efforts in any field of the world. Apart from men, women have also attained triumph in the world and made their name memorable one of the name is Gabriela Sabatini she is a renowned tennis player belongs to Argentina who have produced many laurels in the field of tennis.

This Tall and charming lady with blond hair and praise worthy attractive beauty was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 16th May 1970. Being a second baby of the family she always has been an apple of everyone’s eye. She has a soft hearted personality with helping and caring attitude for others. Her Parents are also very fond of tennis named as Osvaldo Sabatini and Beatriz Garofalo Sabatini. She has also a loving and caring elder brother named Osvaldo Anibal Sabatini, who is five years elder to her. She enjoyed her all childhood time in Villa Devoto.

In the year 1976; her family sold their country house and became member of the River Plate Tennis Club. The River Club was the foundation of her tennis career where she started to learn the game of tennis merely at the age of six.

Daniel Fidalgo was the man behind her success who noticed her talent and taught her the game. She won her very first tournament at a little age of 8 years. When she was just eleven, Gaby won her junior championship in Caracas. But before this gigantic victory she was already a metropolitan and national tournament winner. Gaby spent a lot of time in Patricio Apey’s Academy in Miami resulting this she succeeded in Roland Garros Junior and achieved world junior number one title in June 1984. A huge gathering of 300 people were at the reception lounge who warmly greeted her at the Ezeiza airport after coming back to her hometown in Argentina. In 1985, under the caring guidance and support of Patricio Apey Sr, she became very professional and achieved desired victory in her first championship by beating Linda Gates in Tokyo. Her toughest rival was always Steffi Graf. She played her first Wimbledon tennis and reached to semi final in 1986 but unfortunately beaten by Martina Navratilova by some points. Her first grand slam participation happened in the year 1988.She soon became the silver medalist in Olympics by combating the game with her opponent Steffi graf. Throughout her entire career Gabriela Sabatini has won 27 titles in single and 14 in double, was 3 times semi-finalist in the Australian Open, 5 times in Roland Garros, 3 times in Wimbledon and 3 times in the US Open. Her last title was in Sydney in 1995. She suddenly quit tennis in 1996 and said good bye to her career.

She has always been popular among men because of her seductive, flirty and sensational personality. She has been ranked number 7 among the hundred top sensational and eye catching women athlete of the world competing other gorgeous ladies such as staffi graf and Maria Shivapora. Gabriela Sabatini has introduced her perfumes collections in mid 80’s. Her first fragrance appeared in the market in 1989 with her own name as “Gabriela Sabatini”. She has introduced 17 perfumes in her entire collection which are as follows:

  • Gabriela Sabatini (1989)
  • Magnetic (1992)
  • Cascaya (1994)
  • Bolero (1997)
  • Wild Wind (1999)
  • Summer (2000)
  • Devotion (2001)
  • Day Light (2002)
  • Private Edition(2003)
  • Temperamento (2004)
  • Elegance (2005)
  • Ocean Sun (2006)
  • Latin Dance (2008)

All Gabriela Sabatini's perfumes are manufactured by Proctor & Gamble. Each perfume is a feature of Gabriela's personality and they describe all kinds of feminine mood, emotions and desires depicting their inner feelings in the perfumes.

All these fragrances define a true touch of ambition, love, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, flirt and seduction of women. This is all time favorite feminine perfume collection very popular among ladies and young girls. They are very successful all over the world particularly in Europe and South America.

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