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FUBU (A Hip Hop Fashionable Life Style) :

Fashion is ever-changing from era to era. It is rightly said that bygone fashion always comes back. Hip hop style of clothing was introduced in 70’s and still in demand today. Hip hop is basically a clothing style designed for African American natives. Hip Hop has now become a significant fashion statement for every brand of the world.

This style is always much popular among youth and young generations of this particular community with much modern transformation. It is also named as urban style fashion clothing which is similar to street and casual fashion attitude.

FUBU (For Us by US) is a renowned Hip Hop Clothing company started by Daymond John in 1992 with an aim to revive the very old fashion again combining with latest innovation and ideas making it more funky and stylish.

It is a popular statement that once you have a will you can reach the sky the same story resembles to MR Daymond John who was a passionate guy since his youth and had praiseworthy skillful talent which brought him up to the never ending limit.

Daymond born and grew up in Hollie, Queens which was the African American community in United Stated he started his journey of faith and dedication by sewing and selling Top Tie Hats at the streets of Queens.

He found a wonderful response and appreciation to continue his career in fashion industry. Daymond John convinced his few childhood friends named Carl Brown, J. Alexander Martin, and Keith Perrin and founded a hip hop style clothing company named “FUBU”. Initially this company designed their branded logo for different apparels like t-shirts, hockey jerseys and sweatshirts.

In order to fulfill the capital need for his startup business he mortgaged his own house which he had purchased before together with his mother. He converted his house into a temporary factory space for this company.

His Company Fubu gradually started to gain popularity among the people of different states and he and his friends expanded their marketing by traveling around countrywide. Their first major success was the Industry Trade Show Magic in Las Vegas inspite of not finding any affordable booth at the event. They displayed and showed their colorful branded sweatshirts to their buyers in their hotel room. This little endeavor made them able to get almost $300,000 value of orders.

Fubu very soon achieved the contract of Macy’s which is a popular departmental chain store in New York. This contract made them confident enough to introduce their other lines of jeans and outer wear.Fubu also signed a deal with Samsung electronics to market and deliver their designs on a huge scale.

Fubu very soon created its own place among world known sports wear manufacturing brands such as DKNY and Tommy Hilfiger.In order to fulfill a common man dream to become a successful business Entrepreneur, Daymond started investing his personal money together with other business industrialists to help those people make their dreams into a reality.

He formed a marketing consulting firm named as Shark Branding to motivate and consult other marketing companies how to connect with their customers by using latest innovative and effective techniques and proven strategies for successful marketing campaign. The best marketing power is by joining together with famous celebrities, musicians and personalities resulting in high sales and revenue.

Mr Daymond John is a successful marketing expert with a positive insight and vision for winning the brand. He is considered as one of the youngest fashion style icon and leading entrepreneur with over 20 years of commercial and financial victory. He is also one of the most popular branding specialists and motivational speaker in fashion industry.

He is the pioneer of Hip hop fashion clothing in the country with an aim to provide distinctive urban lifestyle for his African American Community. It has also a purpose to promote this African- American hip hop trend to the entire world.

The brands include casual wear, sports wear, suit collection, belts, shoes and eye wear. Their entire collection is consisting of t-shirts, baseball caps and shoes. Their recent innovation is pair of fragrances for men and women that are also included in their fashion statement since 2002 named as plush for men and plush for women.

Both perfumes ignite the fire of seductive and bold mood of men and women to appeal each other with intimacy and sensuality. They are especially designed for young people to define urban attitude and trend to the fashion. These fragrances are wearable for night time for extreme seduction and flirt.

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