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He is a man who truly redefined the way men dress up and walk. He gave it a new distinctive look with a touch of elegance and sophistication. The consistent innovation, dedication and versatility of this creative man will not ever be forgotten in the history of men fashion and style.

He designed exclusive suitings for men defining their manhood and masculinity. He introduced his luxury fashion clothing brand for men representing a symbol of style and classiness. This brand also offers a wide range of other accessories involving sunglasses and eye glasses as well as fragrances.

His name was Francesco Smalto born in Calabria in November 1930. His family moved to Paris in 1976 to escape the chaos and political instability of the region. His first designed costumes for the puppet theatre at the age of eleven. Francesco also worked as an assistant for his uncle who was a professional tailor in 1944. In the same year he created his little suit for men. He did an apprenticeship in Turino where obtained his tailoring diploma. He moved to Paris in the year 1951 where he is hired for a placement at the Christiani House.

Francesco later on moved to New York for a three-month trip he worked there as a cutter at Harris Kennedy’s tailor. He was extremely impressed by the charm of American suits which lasts comfort and luxury. In order to fulfill his dreams he established his own suiting company in Feb 1962 for men specializing in custom made suits.

He had creative ideas and absolutely exact measurement of suiting which fitted to the body. He has wonderful variety of designs and clothing styles for men for instance suspender shirt and popular white tuxedo.

He designed the black or white vinyl boot strips collections as similar as the Courreges Collection. The year of 1967 brought him a lot of success and fame as he proudly introduced his luxury ready to wear collections and accessories for men. He opened his first international men’s boutique in Paris in the year 1970.

Francesco also designed the most light weight tuxedo in the world containing black china crepe fabric. Many famous male models also have worn smalto clothing like Sean Connery and Jean Paul. He sustained his passion for 30 years to design unmatched, valuable and ultimate clothing for men. He is known as a personalized tailor who created his lavish brand label by the name of Francesco Smalto. He initially started his boutique with 30 master tailors who continued a fifty years made to order specifications and tradition. The collections have a retail operation spreading over 210 countries worldwide.

Francesco Smalto collection contains a surprising range of ready made suits, coats and jackets for men. It provides a true grace and maturity of man with handsome body and look. He is well known for his Parisian style clothing designs. He was an extremely talented tailor who initially changed the old conservatism style and adopted modern style oriented designs. He also introduced designer wear collections including haute couture.

He was basically an Italian tailor who relocated to France in order to work for some legendary Parisian couture’s. He has a very continental style very popular among ready wear lines. He also published his own experience in style and fashion named as d’ elegance masculine. His book describes the valuable and precious French tailors at the post war era.

Francesco always endeavored to bring the impression of eternal elegance in his all designs. This man had dynamic creative and innovative ideas which brought about a revolution in men’s fashion and made it unforgettable for decades.

He moved to Paris from his homeland Italy after being inspired by the status and luxury designs of the most famous and renowned fashion designers like Balenciaga, Dior and Jacques Fath. Francesco attained extensive experience in Paris which enabled and helped him to diversify the men’s outfit styles.

He apparently designed his ready-to-wear line by his own and continued to experiment with unpredicted designs and material which includes velvet and jersey combined with cashmere as well as silver fox.

He also introduced his accessories collections including sunglasses, watches and fragrances in the year 1987. Some of the popular perfumes are Smalto and full choke.

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