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FLORIS LONDON: (Fragrance of Elegance)

Floris London has a classic heritage and remarkable history of creating the finest, luxurious and the most sophisticated fragrances and toiletries including eau de perfume, body moisturizers, after shave and after shave balm for clients for years.

This perfume house commenced in the year of 1730 at the location of 89 Jermyn Street; London. It was founded by Juan Famenias Floris who had earlier ran a barbershop and comb making business before moving to London a while before.

He met a beautiful businesswoman namely Elizabeth Hodgkiss and they both got married. They extended their business by selling men’s shaving products to their customers. They worked together with keen interest and passion and took their business to higher end. They also introduced home products for customers like bath and toilette accessories including floris soap, talcum powder and fragrances for women.

She later became mother of seven sons who continued their business very well with further innovations and ideas. The eldest son Robert Floris started taking interest in the business and researched about the genuine refined ingredients for the perfumes.

Juan Famenias experiment his first fragrance named “Limes Perfume” with ingredients of natural oil brought in from his birthplace and put up for sale to the customers.

This perfume became immediately successful in all over London and the journey of cologne business started on with fast pace. They both got much renowned for their creation and opened up a Floris House for increasing their business to large scale. They also opened their shop at the prime and magnificent location of Madison Avenue, New York for flourishing their production in International Market and to US Clients.

They produced many editions of exceptional perfumes which are still admired by English people. Their collection included 4 basic versions namely Floris Private Collection, Classic Collection, Ladies Fine Fragrances and Gentlemen Fine Fragrances. Some well-known presentations of scents are as follows:

  • 280
  • Wedding Bouquet
  • Limes, Fleur
  • Amarillys
  • Special No 127
  • Seringa
  • Elite
  • Bouquet de la Reine Santal

All the above fragrances describe the icon of simplicity, originality, innovation, cleanliness and superiority combining with the modern era of fashion and contemporary lifestyle.

The women fragrance has always been demanding because of its feminine sensuality, intimacy, tenderness and feeling of romance and seduction to attract men towards her. These scents are designed for bold, ultra modern, confident, attractive, urban and classy women who are independent, care free and know how to carry themselves with gracefulness and sophistication.

The Classic collection is inspired by the old traditional impression of grandeur and majesty of Great Britain and vintage London. The private collection is for youngsters to enjoy the excitement of youth with pleasurable moments of fun and romance. The men edition is created for stylish, positive, handsome and appealing men with a touch of dominance and heroic attitude.

Floris House organized a grand exhibition at Hyde Park with huge gathering of people for marketing their perfumes brands in 1851 which became exceptionally popular and their brands got familiar all over United Kingdom.

Their descendants received a letter of appreciation from Florence Nightingale which was about the praise worthy nice aromatic perfume.

There is a huge list of customers belonging to imperial family and other famous people who continued to purchase and value their products for years such as Lady Hamilton, Sir Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde, Lady Margaret Thatcher, Marilyn Monroe and David Bowie. The renowned celebrities and perfumes designers also enjoyed their various everlasting and modern brands till today including Sharon stone, Michael Caine, Jasmine Guinness and Gianni Versace.

This Perfume started a modern factory in the year 1989 to expand the existing business with latest research team committed to excellence and precision in their formula of ingredients. The factory was inaugurated by the gorgeous Princess Lady Diana.

They are celebrating their 280 years of reputation, traditional inheritance and success consisting of eight generations sustaining their elegance and unique style of fragrances design with refreshing, mesmerizing and long lasting aromatic notes including of fresh floral notes, essential oil, jasmine, lavender and sandalwood. The present generation is striving hard to retain all basic floral and oriental notes formula in creating outstanding fragrances for the world.

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