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David Bisbal

David Bisbal, International Superstar

David Bisbal is a Grammy-winning Spanish singer who’s known throughout the world. He started his career as a second place winner on a Spanish reality show, but has come a long way since then, selling millions of records in Spain and America, including 35 platinum albums.

Spanish Star

David Bisbal was born in Almeria, Spain, in 1979, as the youngest of three children. His father knew something about music – in addition to being a professional boxer, he was also part of a flamenco band. David loved to perform when he was a child, and showed some talent for doing so, but when it came to performing in public, he was shy. It would be years before the world knew just how talented he was.

He left school in the ninth year to work with a gardener, his first job. While he was still working there, he met the producer of a band called Orchestra Expressions, who had heard Bisbal singing. The producer decided he wanted Bisbal in his band as the lead singer, and the young man accepted.

Orchestra Expressions was a popular group in Almeria. Bisbal perfected his style while working with the group, and learned he really did love music. In 2001, he went to the editions for Pop Idol, a Spanish-version singing contest much like the Idol shows popular throughout the world. This was the first season of the show and he became one of the 16 finalists to sing at the big festival Eurovision. He came in second, behind Rosa Lopez, who achieved fame of her own.

Bisbal was signed to a contract with Vale music and recorded his first album in Miami, Florida, USA, called Corazon Latino. The album shot to the top of the Spanish charts going platinum seven times. The first single in particular, Ave Maria, was a phenomenal hit. He went on to win the Latin Grammy for his first professional recordings.

The second album, Buleria, came in 2004 and it was even bigger than the first, rising high on the charts all over the Spanish-speaking world. It sold more than one million just in Spain, and was the biggest album of 2004 in that nation.

Premonicion came in 2006, going platinum five times in the first week. It was clear the young man from Almeria was on a meteoric rise with no sign of stopping any time soon.

An International Sensation

As many superstars do, David Bisbal launched his own line of fragrances in 2005, one for men and one for women, both called Pura Esencia, or Pure Essence. It is made to be the pure essence of the voice and passion of David Bisbal, bottled for his many fans.

There is something seductive about Pure Esensia, classic yet modern, and a touch provocative. Scents that blend the traditional with the new and different are always exciting, and this is just the blend this fragrance achieves. Like all of David Bisbal’s creations, this fragrance was a market sensation. Attractively packaged, appealingly colored, and of course, beautifully scented, the fragrances were popular even among those who were not fans of Bisbal’s music.

Bisbal’s international appeal continued to grow as he traveled to other countries in Europe. He even performed for the European Parliament in Strasbourg to members from 25 different countries. In the meantime, he won award after award, including the Ondas Award at the Galas Award and the Golden Microphone. He also sang a duet with American superstar Rihanna in 2008 – Hate That I Love You – introducing himself to an entirely new audience. He even sang with Miley Cyrus for the soundtrack of the movie Despicable Me.

David Bisbal’s latest endeavor has been a worldwide acoustic tour for the tenth anniversary of his debut into the music world. He began, naturally, in Almeria where it all started, and the show was an instant hit. Singing a mix of his own greatest music and traditional Spanish songs, he sold out venue after venue in Spain. The tour then traveled to Mexico, where he performed 14 different shows.

Even while doing all of this, he serves as a judge on the Spanish version of the reality musical contest “The Voice”. On TV, as on stage, David Bisbal was part of something big again. The Voice was the biggest Spanish television show of the previous ten years.

The acoustic tour ended with shows in the United States and Canada, including Washington, Orlando, Boston, Los Angeles, Los Vegas, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Houston, and several other cities. Even as this run of shows ends, an entire world of fans waits to see what comes next from David Bisbal.

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