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Cadillac: An American Icon

Anyone who knows anything at all about cars knows the name Cadillac. This brand of car has existed since the early days of the rise of the automobile, and has been responsible for many innovations in the design and manufacture of cars. It is a company known for its luxury cars, which are powerful and beautiful, while still remaining reliable.


Cadillac has a long history. It is the second oldest automobile brand in the United States, only behind Buick, and one of the oldest in the entire world. After the original Henry Ford Company shut down, Cadillac was formed in 1902.

The man behind Cadillac was Henry Leland, an inventor and master mechanic who was also an entrepreneur. He named his new endeavor after Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, the man who established the city of Detroit in 1701, his own distant ancestor. The famous Cadillac emblem is based on the Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac’s coat of arms.

The first Cadillac was presented to the world at the New York Automobile Show in 1903. Every car they had was quickly bought. The Royal Automobile Club of England awarded Cadillac for its advancements in automotive technology. They were the first to introduce interchangeable parts, making their cars easier to build and to repair. The company named itself “The Standard of the World”, and it seemed they were standing up admirably to that name.

Cadillac was bought by General Motors in 1909 and became GM’s maker of prestige automobiles. Luxury did not mean they turned aside from innovation. They were the first company to offer cars in a color that wasn’t black. The first electric starter was created by Cadillac. In years to come, they would also be the first to use computer technology in their cars, as well.

While the name was known for luxury, it was also known for practical usefulness. Cadillac also created the chassis for service vehicles like funeral home cars, hearses, limousines, and ambulances.

Luxury has always been a pursuit of Cadillac designs, however. This has even extended outside the world of cars and into the world of fragrance.

Perfume Cadillac

General Motors went to Beauty Contact Inc. to make a new scent that would characterize their brand. It was to be sporty and bold, but still have the luxuriant refinement that built Cadillac into an enduring brand. This scent was meant to represent the history of Cadillac, from the extravagant cars of earlier years to the ease and comfort of the modern car.

The result was American Cadillac, made with notes of cloves, incense, and ebony. Launched in 2008, it was meant to represent the great freedom a fine automobile could offer. Everything Cadillac is – tradition, perfection, elegance, and power – were wrapped up in this new fragrance. It opens with the aforementioned cloves, incense, and ebony, with a heart containing chamomile and grapefruit, with a masculine edge of tarragon, geranium, and cinnamon. It is all wrapped up in strong glass, with a black and white box.

Art and Science

The perfume was one of many new ideas to come out of Cadillac for the 21st century. They have named their design philosophy for the future “art and science”. These two sometimes contradictory terms are going to be merged into an all new whole philosophy for the company. To many, this is merely a fulfillment of the ethos that has always motivated Cadillac. The lines of the exterior and the comfort of the interior have always been hallmarks of the name, but this has always been matched with the very best technology automotive science has to offer.

For its 100th year, Cadillac introduced the world’s first luxury hybrid SUV, proving once more than art and science can indeed mix together well. They still move forward to this very day. Oen of their great concepts is called Urban Luxury. This compact car saves on space and energy while still giving the high capacity performance Cadillac cars are known for.

Throughout the decades, the name Cadillac has been synonymous with luxury and innovation, winning them dozens of awards and accolades. It was a Cadillac limousine that served in the historic inauguration of President Barack Obama. Cadillac is an iconic American institution, built on both skill and style, and its best years are yet to come.

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