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Borsalino, the Beautiful Italian Hat Creator

In 1834, Giuseppe Borsalino was born in Italy. He started his hat career as an errand boy, and then worked his way up to an apprentice position. The next step for Giuseppe was getting a job at the Berteil Hat Factory. He watched, learned, and practiced for seven years until he became a certified Master Hatter. Giuseppe would use this knowledge to become one of the most famous hat makers of all time.

In 1857, Borsalino made hat history when he created his famous felt hat. The dent which he placed towards the middle of the hat is called the “vaga” or crease. He originally put the dent into the middle of the hat because of function. When men would riot in Italy, the middle of their hats would become flat after they got bopped in the head. He pinched the sides of the hat to finish off the felt hat style. The two indents on the side of the hat make it especially easy to put on and off. A spectacular thing about this style is that you can easily take it off and fold it in your pocket without losing its shape. Because of its practicality and cool style, this hat design would be both love and imitated by customers and designers until today.

Although the felt hat design may seem simple, the production process is extensive and requires multiple steps. The fact that he had studied hats for so long allowed the designer to be involved in every single step of the process. He was a stickler when it comes to quality, and ensured that his hats were top- notch. The material of the hats is made out of the finest felt, which comes from either a rabbit and/or hare. The person who was probably most famous for wearing Borsalino hats was Charlie Chaplin.

The year 1970 was pretty big for the brand. The movie, “Borsalino” was one of the most successful films at the box office at the time. The two main stars were Alain Delon and Jean Paul Belmondo. The movie helped the brand catapult into a new decade and introduced the cool cats in the cool hats to a younger generation. The felt hats were also referred to as fedoras, and became a key accessory in gangster movies. Some of the other A list celebrities that have been spotted wearing a Borsalino hat include Clint Eastwood and Jean Gabin.

There also have been numerous fragrances that have been created by the Barsalino brand. “Donna” was released in 1995 and has a floral scent that is perfect for feminine women. The perfume “Panama” for men was released in 2007 and is often described as a warm scent. Some of the undertones in this perfume that you might recognize include violet, jasmine, cashmere, grey amber, and more. All of the fragrances that are offered by the Borsalino brand are made with the same care as the hats. In 1998, the company created the Montecristi Hat. It is made out of furable toquilla straw and takes six months or more to make. It is a great gift to give to someone because the box is beautiful. Both the box and inside of the hat are lined with real silk.

Giuseppe sadly passed away in 1900, and his son Teresio took over. When Teresio took over, he planned on improving the production process so that the brand will be able to produce hats more efficiently. Because of these improvements, the brand was able to reach record sales and profits. Giuseppe’s son also cared about the well-being of others and doing charity work. His most notable

accomplishment was the creation of an orphanage in his home town of Alessandria. In 2007, the brand celebrated their 150th anniversary. They have kept a loyal clientele for their high quality and unique style.

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