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Fragrances for Everyone: Air-Val International

Air-Val International had its beginning as a fairly small brand in Barcelona, Spain, but that didn’t last long. Today, Air-Val International is the biggest supplier of fragrances to a market many neglected until Air-Val came along – children and teenagers. Their attractively packaged and appropriately priced products, as made this formally tiny company a big name for fragrances.

Opening a New Market

Air-Val International was born in 1979, in Barcelona, where its headquarters remain today. They were the first perfume company to really consider marketing their products to children and adolescents, and they are still the leaders in this field today. Air-Val products can be found on five continents today.

Their big break came when they became partners with Disney in 1981, creating perfumes based on the media giant’s major characters and franchises, starting with a girl’s perfume, Lady Minnie, and a fragrance for boys, Dandy Mickey. In the decades since, the popularity of these fragrances has only grown, along with the line of products, ranging from The Little Mermaid to Pinocchio to scents inspired by The Avengers.

Seeing the quality and success of Air-Val, others have collaborated with the perfumer to create fragrances based on their own most popular brand. Recently, Mattel, for instance, has partnered with Air-Val to create perfumes based off Monster High and Barbie, along with gift sets. There are more than 300 products relating to personal care or fragrances made by Air-Val today.

Because of their association with Disney, many believe Air-Val markets exclusively to young people, but that is far from the case. They also sell adult products, especially with some of their exciting new licenses, such as one from the National Basketball Association. Even their children’s products are not so easy to categorize. Many of their scents are unisex, like Pirates of the Caribbean, suitable for anyone to wear, in scents that just about any child would love. There are a few, however, for young girls who would like something more feminine.

A Perfect Fragrance for Anyone

As with any fragrance, packaging is important, and few do it better than Air-Val International. They work hard with their partners to create bottles, boxes, and vessels that really capture the essence of the subject, just as the scent evokes that same essence.

The perfumes are in small bottles, so it is easy for children to handle, but there is enough in each container for the fragrance to last for quite some time, even if it is used daily. Even the sizes are made to perfectly suit the customer, so small hands do not have to wrestle with a large bottle – but they are not so small as to become easily lost, either.

Air-Val International caters to the needs of younger people by understanding they have just as many differences between them as adults, with needs that are just as diverse. With that in mind, there are literally hundreds of differing fragrances from which to choose – literally something for everyone. No one, whether girl or boy, will go through Air-Val International’s fragrances without finding something appealing.

The Versatility of Air-Val International

While Air-Val International is best known for its products for children, especially its Disney lines, they continue to grow, gaining more and more customers every year from all segments of society. They are always seeking to offer something new to a new group of customers. The recently opened Adult Division has partnered with names as the NBA and the Beverly Hills Polo Club to create fragrances that are distinctly adult, yet still holding the quality that defines all Air-Val International products.

The secret behind Air-Val’s success has always been based upon two aspects: the quality of their products, and their business partners. The former always holds true, while the latter is constantly diversifying and growing. From Disney to Mattel to the NBA, Air-Val International continues to innovate. Most recently, they have made a deal with Rovio to create perfumes based from the wildly popular Angry Birds franchise. Back home, they create fragrances in collaboration with local Spanish sports teams like Real Madrid and Futbol Club Barcelona.

Air-Val International took a brilliant idea – making fragrances available to previously overlooked markets – and made it work. Others may market only to an elite set of clientele, but Air-Val truly has fragrances for everyone, male or female, young or old, whether they love cartoons, sports, or both.

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