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Healing Garden Waters Perfect Calm

Body Treatment Fragrance Spray for Women

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Healing Garden Waters Perfect Calm

An aromatic, feminine fragrance by the name of Perfect Calm has been launched?by?The Healing Garden in 2001. This fragrance highlights accords from clary sage, lavender and water lily together with their essential oils to depict a neat, watery aroma with an extensive lingering effect. It is calming and relaxing; an ageless, natural daily use fragrance.?

Year Introduced: 2001

Made in: USA

Scent: lemon, cotton blossom, rose geranium, sweet lime and soft violet musk.

Coty: Elegance for Everyone

Coty began in 1904 through the skill and work of one man, Francois Coty. Even in his own lifetime, Coty was a popular brand, due to Francois Coty’s skill at marketing and talent for making fragrances that left a good impression with all who experienced them.

The Era of Francois Coty

Though his fortunes were made in France, Coty himself was born in Ajaccio, Corsica. His name was originally Joseph Marie Francis Spoturno, but he changed his name to the more French-sounding Coty when he moved to Paris, which was taken from his mother’s maiden name.

He started humbly, distilling his own essences from flowers in Grasse, then selling them to local markets. At first, he didn’t do ve... Read more about Coty

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