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Bebe Wishes & Dreams Perfume

Eau De Parfum for Women

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Bebe Wishes & Dreams

BEBE WISHES & DREAMS is an aspiring, desirable and sought after perfume for all women to have a youthful, playful, romantic and loving appeal. This scent have been designed with a composition of wild violet, bergamot, French pear, osmanthus, coral freesia, patchouli and bergamot. The accurate blend of all ingredients provides energetic and lively experience for the whole day.

Recommended Use: Romantic Wear

Scent: exotic essence of bergamot, lavender and vetiver, blended with exotic woods and jasmin

Bebe: What’s In a Name?

There are some misconceptions and questions about the label known as Bebe, starting with its name. While some may be prone to pronounce it with the usual European ‘e’ sound (bay-bay), that is not the true pronunciation. It should sound more like ‘bee-bee’. The word comes from the founder’s native Persia, and means ‘lady’. It also denotes the word ‘be’, a simple state of existence, said twice. Therefore, ‘bebe’ means to always move forward, to fully exist in every moment of time. This is why the word is never capitalized in the company’s official statements. This is the philosophy of bebe.

Bebe Stores and the Man Behind Them

Manny Mashouf was born in Iran (or Persia), but came to the Uni... Read more about bebe

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