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Bodycology is a beauty, personal care and wellness brand catering to the female audience and empowers women to feel comfortable as well as safe when the products are used. PDC Brands is a Connecticut-based company founded by Mark Laracy in 1981 with the startup name of Parfums de Coeur with subsidiaries ME!Bath and Original Additions (Beauty Products) Ltd. This brand later trademarked the name in April of 2015 to PDC Brands to improve the company’s position in mass retail and boost sales. The brand began as an affordable fine fragrance company for women and soon crafted personal care, bath, and fragrance products for women worldwide.

 In late 2012, PDC Brands joined forces with Yellow Wood Partners, a Boston-based private equity firm primarily centered on investing in consumer products and brands. Yellow Wood Partners placed much focus and attention to the consumer side of retailing. The company strongly centers its attention to the way it functions, capabilities to operate, and managing the firm’s investments. Ever since Yellow Wood Partners and PDC Brands merged together, sales along with profits have doubled, leading this brand’s status to rise up as a purveyor with the focus of a mass-market retail.

In 2015, PDC Brands became one of the fastest growing names in the marketplace and estimated to have 400 million USD in annual global retail sales. In the same year, PDC Brands acquired two more trademarks to its profile of consumer goods, one of which was Bodycology and the other Cantu from Advanced beauty Inc. located in Dallas, Texas.

Cantu is widely popularized as one of the fastest growing multicultural hair brands in the US. This brand was noted for being the number one Specialty Bath brand in the United States and solidified the brand in the position of an industry leader, bringing specialty retail to mass-market consumers at affordable prices. PDC Brands decided to further expand the company’s view (Utroske, 2017) to attract customers and increase sells. In April of 2016, CEO James Stammer struck a deal with Original Additions (Beauty Products) and acquired the company. From that point on the company continued with goals set to expand the company’s bath, hair, and fragrance selection.



Early History (1981-2017)

Bodycology was founded in 2003 as a part of Advanced Beauty Inc. and later bought by the company PDC Brands in 2015. In 2017, Capital Partners (CVC) bought PDC Brands from Yellow Wood Partners without revealing the transaction agreements. Mark Laracy was the original owner of  Parfums de Coeurs in 1981 before the name was rebranded as PDC Brands. To this day the company is still located in Stamford, Connecticut. (Schott, 2017). Due to PDC Brands name change, there was an increase in mass production and consumer sales in 2015. The company is devoted to empowering women by offering high quality, American made, paraben, phthalate, and mineral oil free based products consumers can purchase at an affordable  rate.


Partnering With Original Additions (2016)

Original Additions (Beauty Products) is a company based in London and specializes in women cosmetics. The company manufactures add-ons such as fingernails, eyelash, and brow extensions (Utroske, 2016). This company caters to salon professionals supplying artificial nails, lashes and waxing products. Original Additions is home to additional brands such as Eylure London, which is one of London's top eyelash brands. Elegant Touch is another top contributing brand that supplies customers with artificial professional nail implements and salon-quality nail treatments (“PDC Acquires Original Additions”, 2016).


Partnering With ME!Bath (2017)

In 2017 PDC Brands welcomed yet another franchise into the portfolio, ME!Bath. The company was founded by couple Benjamin and Lisa Nissanoff in 2002 and currently headquartered in Los, Angeles. The couple’s mission is to supply consumers with a

‘Luxurious” spa environment while at home or away on business (ME!Bath, 2014). At the start of the business, the pair sold handcrafted bath and body care products at local farmers markets around the San Francisco Bay area. In the Summer of 2017 PDC Brands partnered with the upcoming company ME!Bath. The two companies continued in the mission of expanding the company’s bath and wellness products.


Partnering With Capital Partners (CVC) 2017

James Stammer the CEO of PDC Brands aims to grow the company by focusing his attention on investing in the current brands as well as adding new and unique brands to the current portfolio (PRNewswire, 2017). The company Capital Partners struck a deal with Yellow Wood Partners and acquired PDC Brands in 2017. The two entrepreneurs settled on a disclosed agreement going forward with the plan to improve sales and market value production. Capital Partners (CVC) managing team aspire to expand with PDC Brands in the prospect of amplifying the company as a whole. James Stammer reciprocated with the same thrill to work alongside Capital Partners and to turn a new chapter within the business (Chande, 2017).


Bodycology Products

Sweet Love

Sweet Love is a light whipped cream scented formula aiming to moisturize and soothe the skin. Bodycology is reputable for having multiple scents in different forms to target the needs of their retailing audience. Bodycology claim the use of there products leave the body feeling smooth. This scent can be found different forms such as a hand cream, body mist, lotion and bath fizzie.


Toasted Sugar

Another popular product in the Bodycology collection is Toasted Sugar. It is a light and warm scent crafted as a calming fragrance for those who do not like heavily scented products. The company crafted its formula to penetrate deep within the skin’s barrier to lock in moisture. Each one of these products can be bought separately or as a collection. A majority of their scents can be purchased as a hand cream, bath fizzies, body lotion and wash (Bodycology, n.d.).


Phthalate Chemicals (2010-Present)

The FDA conducted a Survey of Cosmetics for Phthalate ingredients on a multiple of companies  products in 2010. The goal of the study was to identify if any Phthalates were found within the mix of ingredients of multiple brands of consumer goods placed on the market shelves. Phthalates are a group of chemicals used in everyday products such as vinyl flooring, wall covering, toys, detergents, tubing, pharmaceuticals, and blood bags. The chemicals are also implanted in personal care products such as nail polish, hairsprays, lotions and shampoos along with other fragranced preparations.

In the 2010 study, the FDA sampled and discovered traces of Phthalate within many consumer products. One product listed seventh on the list was Bodycology Sweet Petals Body Mist fragrance. It was noted that this product contained a small dosage of Phthalate. However, it has been approximately eight years since a new investigation has been conducted on whether or not Bodycology products contain the use of Phthalate.

 One major problem is US regulations do not require companies to file the list of ingredients they embed within their products with the FDA. There is still a possibility Bodycology is using Phthalates in their formula. Additionally, this law is shielding many companies from labeling the correct and factual components in the cosmetics they create.

The FDA can take action against unsafe cosmetic products on the market, but only if they have dependable scientific evidence which states the product or ingredient is unsafe to use for consumers under labeled or customary conditions of use (FDA, 2010).

 Due to false labeling and the inclusion of toxic materials within consumer products, the chemical can cause many health issues such as respiratory, illness and rash-like symptoms to occur. These products are deemed unsafe and hazardous to use and a great amount of these products have a line for children use. Children are more susceptible to serious health risks since there body is still developing and their systems are not yet strong enough to combat against hazardous chemicals.

 A study was conducted on name brand perfumes to see if any organic chemical ingredients were used in the products. After the data was analyzed it showed Bodycology had two products that contained a chemical noted as one of the most hazardous chemicals listed in the United Nations Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (“Analyzing Specific Health Hazards in Perfumes by Identifying Ingredients using Gas Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry,” 2015). On the other hand, it is still unclear whether or not Bodycology is currently adding harsh chemicals into the formula.



Glycine Soja

A good source of nutrients and a significant amount of amino acids can be found in Glycine Soja, which is another name for soybean (“Truth in Aging,”n.d.). This substance is also used as a soybean oil packed with rich proteins, minerals and vitamin E providing hydration to the skin. Soybeans contain proteins such as isoflavones and phytoestrogen, beneficial for  preventing cancer. A number of brands add various soybean extracts into the products to help enhance the blend of the cosmetic line.


Shea Butter

Shea butter is originally grown on shea trees in the form of a nut. From that point on the fatty acids are extracted from the shea nut and can be converted into a moisturizer or lotion. It is a regularly used accommodation in Bodycology products and well known for its revitalizing and anti-inflammatory properties (Levy, 2016). A well-balanced concentration of fatty acids promotes shea butter as a restoring and hydrating ingredient and a great source for softening skin (“What Are The Benefits of Raw Shea Butter,” n.d.). Bodycology products as well as many franchises associated with the company add shea butter as a rejuvenation property within the line of products. This natural element is a key component for softening hands, feet, elbows and is safe for both adults and babies.


Aloe Barbadensis

Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice is more commonly known as aloe vera is a clear and light substance extracted from the aloe plant. This substance is taken directly from the leaves of the aloe plant and has been used for hundreds of thousands of years. Aloe has been associated with its medical use, anti-inflammatory properties, a reduction in scarring and burn healing effects. Bodycology utilizes this component in its products as a healing agent and aloe also repairs damaged tissue cells within the skin leaving behind a soothing feel. Scientists have shown that human skin can absorb the key ingredients of aloe seven layers thick into the skin’s layers due to the body’s effective enzymes (“Aloe Barbadensis,” n.d.).


Vitamin E and C

Vitamin E oil is a substance that has been affiliated with the help of retaining healthy skin cell reproduction and fighting against sunburn. The human skin contains more vitamin E than any other nutrient (Blog, n.d.). Vitamin C oil is packed full of antioxidants and can strengthen and improve the barrier of the skin. PDC Brands uses antioxidants such as Vitamin E and C to improve their product line and cater to its brand of nourishment.

 Cantu and Bodycology share a variety of similar ingredients. The two brands share a unique blend of Vitamin E and C mixed within the products to give the formula a boost of nourishment. Cantu as well as Bodycology, have thoroughly embedded Vitamin E and C into a wide variety of its hair care and body care collection making it a vitalizing solution for unique naturally textured hair. Additionally, the partnering companies Cantu and Bodycology share shea butter as well as aloe vera extracts which many consumers seem to gravitate toward based on past sales (PRNewswire, 2015).


Additional Ingredients

In addition to Bodycology ingredients that are known to provide the skin and body with nourishment are cocoa butter and jojoba oil. The cocoa bean is a healthy source of antioxidants and aids in preventing peeling or dryness (Levy, 2016). Cocoa beans are packed full of healing properties and can be used in food as well as for moisturizing benefits. Cocoa butter is able to moisturize the body due to its high lipid content. According to Nazarian, cocoa butter mimics the fatty layer on top of the skin and acts as a protective barrier.

For a rich combination of benefits combine cocoa butter with jojoba oil. By doing so it will enhances the body’s overall skin health and limit chafing along with removing dead skin cells to promote healthy cell growth. Jojoba oil is known to be similar to sebum, an oil the body naturally produces to keep the skin healthy and moisturized. The oil has multiple uses such as revitalizing the scalp, reducing eczema, and treating psoriasis. Bodycology is one of the many brands which adds jojoba oil into the formula in order to provide customers with promoting healthy skin and nourishment.


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