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Guy Laroche


Among many famous designers in the world Guy Laroche has created its own distinctive image in the fashion and style industry. It has provided a touch of versatility, excellence and innovation in his all designs. His designs groom the personality of the wearer and make him or her to look glamorous.

This talented and intelligent French designer was born on 16th July 1921 in Paris and died on 17th February 1989.He was named as La Rochele with having a nick name of Laroche.

Laroche initially started his career in millinery. He also worked for famous designer Jean Desses in 1948 and later on become his assistant. In 1955 he had a trip to United States to learn about new ready to wear design techniques. He found a high-fashion atelier at 37 avenue Franklin Roosevelt, Paris in 1956. In his first collection he introduced exciting colors such as pink, coral, topaz, orange and turquoise. His clothes also featured falling neck and back lines. He presented six dazzling looks for women that instantly provided him overnight fame and success.

He also designed haute-couture but sensible clothing for women. In 1961, he opened his new boutique at 29 avenues Montaigne in Paris and launched his first ready-to-wear collection.

Laroche introduced his first women’s fragrance named as Fidiji. He later on designed men's ready-to-wear clothing line and opened his Guy Laroche Monsieur boutique. Guy Laroche was popularly known as a masterful cutter and tailor. He had a keen motivation for his work as he adapted Haute couture according to current demands with designing simple and contemporary dresses for women. He launched his latest fragrance named as Eau Folle.

He produced a blasting fragrance for men still demanding named as Drakkar. He opened another Guy Laroche Monsieur boutique at the exclusive location of Faubourg Saint Honore Paris.

He continued to open new clothing line as Guy Laroche Diffusion which is entirely exclusive fabric collection boutique with branches in France and globally.

The year of 1977 was very advantageous for the creation of Jai Ose Perfume. He also introduced a dynamic men fragrance collection named as Drakkar Noir was launched in International market in 1982.This perfume received a huge appreciation from everywhere in the world. Guy was awarded by the Haute couture golden thimble for his amazing fall and winter collections in 1985.

After achieving huge amount of success and praise from all previous collections and designs Guy reintroduced feminine clothing line named as Clandestine. Guy Laroche received the title of Chevalier de Honneur award from Mayor of Paris for presenting refined luxury wear for men and women.

In 1989, Guy Laroche was again given an award for his prestigious second Haute couture golden thimble summer and spring collections.

Horizon a new men fragrance was launched in 1993.In the year 2007 the new creative director was appointed named as Marcel Morongiu. He was the successor of previous artistic designers named as Angelo Tarlaazi, Michael Klein and Alber Elbaz.

Guy Laroche offers various luxury and style collections for men and women giving it a perfect look to wear on. Its collections include men clothing, women clothing, casual line, party line, suiting’s, Rings, Bracelets, cufflinks, Rubber bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pendants with accessories.

The rings are manufactured from scientific ceramic and paladium layered with18carat white gold diamonds. The Guy Laroche men's jewellery presents a transparency of style and creative design. This range is beautifully done in stainless steel and gold with ceramic, diamond and leather including carbon, rubber and onyx.

Guy Laoroche introduced his first fragrance collection started with a feminine perfume named as Fidiji for women in the year 1966. He also later on launched his men’s fragrance line by producing his famous brand Drakkar in 1972. This brand got more advanced and enhanced in 1982 as still renowned perfume for men as Drakkar Noir.

Laroche launched the series of 9 fragrances been designed for men and women respectively. The entire set of fragrances is named as Clandestine, Fidiji, Eau Folle, Jai Ose Baby, Jai Ose and Jai Ose Aqua for women. Similarly, Drakkar Noir, Horizon and Drakkar Dynamik are popular fragrances for men.

The Fidiji and Drakkar Noir are still very famous and demanding among men and women for their mesmerizing, sharp and seductive aroma to catch instant attention of others.

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