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French Connection Uk

FCUK (Brand of fashion and luxury):

FCUK (French Connection United Kingdom) is a famous and globally recognized multi store fashion brand very well known among young men and women for all different variety of accessories include clothing, eye wear, apparels, foot wear, bags, jewelry, watches, toiletries and luxury expensive furniture. It has given a new meaning of unique style and luxury for men and women providing an ultimate look to them.

FCUK was started by Stephen Marks in the year 1972.He is a renowned fashion vendor and currently hold the position of CEO of the company. His father was an expert hair dresser and gave wonderful styles of hair to his reliable customers. Stephen was an enthusiastic tennis player at his teenage time but he suddenly decided to quit tennis as he knew he didn’t have focus on the game.

His Story of fashion begins as a clothing salesman for coat making brand of Andre Peters and his French partner Louis Feraud. He set up his personal brand store named as Stephen Marks London in 1960. This store was super specialized in ready made suits and coats. He later established famous brand store “FCUK” in 1972. Earlier, he purchased almost 3,000 cheesecloth shirts from India to resell them in UK at good gain. Gradually his business succeeded and he opened his men’s store in 1976. A Famous French designer joined Fcuk in the year 1978; she married to Stephen and became the company partner. She introduced High end label in 1983.The company became listed in London Stock Exchange in 1984 with more growing in business. In 1991, Stephen Marks changed the brand image by introducing the fcuk label on t-shirts still popular till now. Today, this brand operates in 30 different countries and includes brand extensions such as perfumes. French Connection group include the clothing and clothing/ home wear brands Great Plains and Toast. It has a base in London but this fashion brand company has expanded its business operations over world wide such as USA, Australia, Asia, Europe and Middle East.

FCUK focuses on designing finest quality signature and celebrity wear clothing to entice the public to buy it at affordable and cheaper rates. Its core aim is to create clothing for youngsters aged between 18 years to 35 years including both boys and girls. It always strives for changing the lifestyle with innovation and creative ideas.

FCUK was set up as a core purpose of fashion store clothing for men and women and gradually it started other products which also became popular as well. It started the fragrance brand since 2004 and produced many successful perfumes brands for men and women some are still in demand like fragrances for him and fragrances for her. Both collections offer extremely luxurious, stylish and modern yet urban and bold attitude appeal.

Men perfumes provide a sense of elegance and gracefulness with a touch of confidence and masculinity, while feminine fragrances gives off a touch of seduction, sensuality, affection and intimacy to attract the opposite sex. FCUK him and FCUK Her are first pair of masculine and feminine fragrances designed with ingredients including as rose, jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, rosemary, cedar, patchouli, gardenia, cedar and lavender creating a fabulous response of customers to produce many more perfumes and colognes. The current edition is FCUK friction him and FCUK friction her especially designed with juicy and citrusy floral notes, amber, coconut, musk and vanilla.

Some famous fragrances are as follows:

  • FCUK Late Night Him
  • FCUK Late Night Her
  • FCUK Summer Him
  • FCUK Summer Her
  • FCUK Connect Him
  • FCUK Connect Her

All are Duo Fragrances keeping in mind the mood and taste of men and women with a touch of liveliness and light, refreshing and cool feelings. Some evening and night fragrance gives off a true sense of flirtatious attention, appreciation and attraction with seduction, extreme sensuality and intimacy between men and women. These fragrances grab a huge amount of gatherings provide them a head turning and noticeable appeal.

Hence, it is significant that this brand is devoted and dedicated to give a new sign and symbol of luxury, fashion and style to its customer’s especially young generations to adopt a rapidly changing lifestyle.

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