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Frances Denney


Frances Denney is a symbol of innovation for beauty and skincare industry. Her services and persistency in redefining the way woman beautify herself with clear, soft and feminine skin.

She was an elegant lady having a charismatic personality and determination to bring about a new revolution in history of skin care salon management.

Elizabeth Cunningham was born and brought up in Ireland. She was the first woman in her family to join the Trinity College and graduated in chemistry. She had amazing innovation skills combined up to start a modern and well equipped salon in 1897. It was considered as the pioneer of skin care and beauty salons of the world.

Frances Denney was the first cosmetic house in United States with a procedure and formula to purify, refresh and create soft oily skin for dry look. These were the incredible methods for revealing the secret of excellent and appreciable feminine beauty. She became the first lady to commence her cosmetic salon in John Wanamaker retail store department in the year 1910. Her eldest son joined her business in 1928 inspired by him other siblings also joined the business later on. She gradually disappeared from the family forefront and stepped back from the reins of business got retired in the year 1938.

The company is now registered in NYSE continuing to grow for general public to share the determined vision of Frances Cunningham. Every beauty and cosmetic products have to go through comprehensive research containing the best valued ingredients to take care of the precious skin of customers. The company offers various branded labeled feminine cosmetics and fragrances with proper treatment and cure for all skin related issues.

There was a consistent endeavors and complete devotion behind establishing this flourishing business today. The history starts with Sir Daniel Denney and his wife Ellen Denney who used to live in the location of 1336 Pearl Street, Philadelphia with daughters Hannah and their youngest child named as William Denney. They were working-class family. The father in law Daniel was a grocery man but he was pretty much certain about the hard working and creative attributes in his all 3 children.

The eldest daughter of the family named as Hanna later became both a manicurist and chiropodist. His younger brother William was a machine operator in factory. By his good fortune he married a beautiful young woman named Elizabeth Cunningham which gradually changed his destiny from laborer to Salon Owner.

In the year 1895 Hanna started living with her brother William and his wife. Some years later William’s second sister named as Ellen also started staying with her sister Anna and William along with his family. Like Anna, Helen had also a good experience in the rising beauty industry as she formed her own company called The Victoria Toilet Company located in the downtown Philadelphia. The company used to deal in variety of toilet goods.

It was in the year 1904 when both these sisters jointly created a new family business named as Denney & Denney. Their company was initially operated as a manicure business and afterwards hairdressers. The company is presently being run from the South 16th Street. Both the sisters are still single and unmarried living with their brother William and his family.

After been experiencing and observing the successful beauty and skin care salon business of his both sisters William also became their joint partner in the year 1909. He started to make the company even more profitable by conceiving the idea of selling toilet goods along with beauty products and treatments for customers.

William Denney soon established his own Toilet Preparation Business in a new location at 1501 Walnut Street. His business turned out to be very successful and they purchased 2 new houses at famous Chestnut Street in 1913.Both the houses were bought at a little distance to each other.

Both Sisters suddenly left the business partnership handed over to William Denney who became the sole owner of this Twin Skin Care Businesses. His son has also joined the company as a manager and over the years the toilet goods manufacturing business and hairdressers are continuing to prosper with many new products and cosmetics line such as Got a date and Night life as well as you and I. The company has aimed its target audience as young girls and women and it is becoming the leading perfume and cosmetics brand in the world. Its famous feminine fragrances are Hope and Interlude.

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